July 27, 2007

Butter Team Weekend Beats Vol. 13

We sprinkled some Tang crystals over our random sequence generator to determine the winners of Dan Deacon's Crystal Cat vinyl getaway, and they be: shipshape and ginny! Email us with your full address and you'll be keeping it solid steel as soon as we figure out how to mail records with integrity. Our legal team has asked us to clarify it's technically not a "getaway" but we encourage you to travel with your winnings regardless.

We also forgot to announce the winner of May's Choose Your Own Adventure Getaway Contest where readers were tasked with naming the third best CYOA title of all time.

The correct answer (third best) was "Mutiny in Space" (#90), in which you're an apprentice crew member aboard the Baruna, a space transport ship. After three months in space, things get twisted when trouble breaks out between Captain Tyler and Jack Barnes just as the ship encounters a fierce ion storm. Drink two Sundrop/Mylanta cocktails and get busy sons.

The second best title, of course, is Vampire Express (#31) where you're on a vampire hunt in deepest Romania with your uncle Andrew and your "lady friend" Nina. You're riding horseback toward an eerie castle when a thick fog rolls in, which is always troubling. Then you're surrounded by wolves! Your uncle races ahead but Nina is thrown off her horse and disappears into the fog! It's business time.

And the most premium Choose Your Own Adventure ever is Vampire Invaders (#118) which combines vampires and space for one ridiculously good looking book. You are the world's leading expert on vampires, attending an emergency conference at the National Space Institute, where you and the top FBI officials are examining evidence that vampires from outer space have invaded the Earth, so.

Final Fantasy - Adventure.exe

The winner, James Smith, receives a copy of Vampire Invaders signed by Alec Baldwin (but Butter Team reserves the right to substitute his signature with that of another Baldwin).

If you didn't win any of these 'ganzas, no fear, our fave DC site Brightest Young Things is giving away TEN PAIRS OF TICKETS to the Blonde Redhead show at Ram's Head Live in Bmore on Wednesday, August 8th. But this contest requires more than dropping your least favorite email address into the comment pot, you actually have to use some of that art minor.

To enter, take a bob digi of yourself saying “I love Blonde Redhead” or even better "I love Butter Team who in turn is a big fan of Blonde Redhead" or if you have panoramic maybe "I love Brightest Young Things for having this 'I love Blonde Redhead' contest and certainly hope to win" etc. then shake your polaroid here.

Now to the beats, breaks, decks and crates, come up in your face oops pow surprise:

Jungle Brothers - Because I Got it Like That (Ultimatum mix)
Big Daddy Kane - Warm It Up, Kane
Clockwork Voodoo Freaks - Deaf Mick's Throwdown
De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays (feat. Q-Tip)

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July 25, 2007

Kings of Leon Presale 9:30 Club

Sunday 9/23 and Monday 9/24 - hussle up

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July 24, 2007

Whartscape Pt. 7: Was Pretty Sure I Told You We Won't Stop

I didn't? Then where'd you get that preposterous hypothesis - did Steve tell you that? Steve....

Spank Rock is still in the building, thanks to repeated requests for some raw audio and more photos of the crazy people from this Saturday (the almost naked girl below tested exceptionally well). So we throw you over our collective knees once again and then that's it - go get your sick pleasures somewhere else because the Whartscape series is over.

Spank Rock - Lindsay Lohan's Revenge (live at Whartscape)

insert timely/snarky Lohan jab here

Spank Rock - Bump (live at Whartscape)
Spank Rock - Backyard Betty (live at Whartscape)

Below, an almost equally naked Cex asks "Were I to announce here that I have succeeded in forsaking my childish desires for wealth and fame, would not the first response of many internet users be the accusation that my true desire is to distinguish myself from my contemporaries in order to achieve greater wealth and fame? I mean status ain't hood right? And are you smiling because you agree or you took the last Beast?"

Spank Rock - Sweet Talk

We now promise to stop sending transmissions from Spank Rock's space nipple antenna on the condition that you buy these two albums:

Spank Rock - YoYoYoYoYo
Spank Rock - FabricLive 33

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July 23, 2007

Potent Postables

Are you smarter than Turd Ferguson?

A. The capital city and chief seaport of Lebanon, also home to the American Universoty of Beirut, the port of Beirut, and the Beirut International Aiport.

Q. Beirut - Transatlantique

A. A familiar name for wild North American and subarctic-dwelling reindeer, also the official mascot of the short-lived Colorado Caribous professional men's soccer team in 1978.

Q. Caribou - Zoe

A. Named after the tough decison many consumers faced between VHS or Beta, two rival incompatible models of video cassette recorders made available in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Q. VHS or Beta - She Says

A. In 2003 this band released a split EP with Julie Doiron titled Julie Doiron/Okkervil River.

Q. Okkervil River - Plus Ones

Preorder VHS or Beta's Bring on the Comets.
Preorder Okkervil River's The Stage Names.
Buy Caribou's Melody Day (single).

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July 22, 2007

Whartscape Pt. 6: Sweatin' To The Indies - Dan Deacon Vinyl Giveaway

All the watermelon, ice and cage fans in the world couldn't stop Saturday night's gig with Spank Rock, Dan Deacon, Video Hippos, The Death Set, Ponytail, Dirty Projectors and many more from being literally the sweatiest show of all time. Thanks to the folks at Wham City and Floristree for pulling this thing off.

As above (Video Hippos), so below (Jason Urick from WZT Hearts takes a nap with Dan Deacon wrapped in his CGI/security blanket).

We have a couple autographed copies of Dan Deacon's Crystal Cat vinyl single - just leave us a comment with your email if you want one.

We'll pick the winners on Friday 7/27 (U.S. residents only). NOTE: We picked the winners already and they are shipshape and ginny. Thanks to everyone for entering.

Dan Deacon setlist:

1. Intro>Soundcheck
2. Crystal Cat
3. Paddeling Ghost
4. Woof Woof
5. Of The Mountains
6. Wham City

Big ups to Jeff's List of Shows for the audio. Jeff taped almost every band at Whartscape and is now feverishly spooling in an underground lair complete with lab coats, beakers, schematics et al. So check back later in the week for some Spank Rock.

Spank Rock - Live on KEXP

Dan Deacon - I Will Always Have Juice Today
Also thanks to Josh Sisk for some of the photos above, check the rest here.

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July 20, 2007

Whartscape Pt. 5: Weekend Beats

What happens when you combine a couple fingers of Glenlivet, some cheese, spastic punksters Death Set and Ponytail, Dan Deacon and cooljerk rhymenasaurus MCs Spank Rock on the 1's & 2's? A chunky, tangy indie smoothie we guess. Set times for the weekend:


with a special sneak performance by EAGLE AGER
8:15 = WZT HEARTS (Main Stage)
8:35 = DINA KELBERMAN (Video Screen)
9:05 = JONES JONES JONES (Temp Stage)
9:25 = ROBY NEWTON (Video Screen)
9:35 = SOFT CIRCLE (Main Stage)
9:55 = HAWNAY TROOF (Temp Stage)
10:35 = THANK YOU (Temp Stage)
10:55 = YUTAKA HOULETTE (Video Screen)
11:05 = GROWING (Main Stage)
11:35 = JIMMY ROCHE (Video Screen)
11:50 = CAR CLUTCH (Temp Stage)
12:10 = ECSTATIC SUNSHINE (Main Stage)
12:30 = GARRET DAVIS (Video Screen)
12:45 = HIGH PLACES (Temp Stage)
1:05 = CEX (Main Stage)


hosted by ED SCHRADER
11:30 = EAGLE AGER
12:30 = COCONUTS
4:30 = YUKON


with dance performances by CLUB LIFESTYLE
11:30 = PONYTAIL
12 = XBXRX
12:30 = DAN DEACON

The Saturday night show is completely sold out so if you didn't get tickets go see Battles and Deerhunter at the Ottobar instead, and we'll have pics and audio next week for your wistful viewing/listening. Scroll down for full coverage on Whartscape.

Bonde Do Role - Melo Do Tabacco XXXChange Remix
Spank Rock - Coke & Wet (unknown hott remix)
Spank Rock - Put That Pussy On Me (Diplo Tonite Remix)
The Death Set - Impossible (Dan Deacon Remix)
The Death Set - Collision
Devlin & Darko KZSU Radio Mix

Tokyo Police Club - Swedes in Stockholm
Buy Your English Is Good from TPC's new Interweb hub. 2 EPs, 3 singles, one live album...are we ready for the LP fellas?

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July 19, 2007

Whartscape Pt. 4: Drop It Like Its Haute

Take a break from Whartscape's geekbeat/zapshock punk and synth sin to enjoy arts and crafts time with the many, many Bmore natives who keep this city Wired. (Note: This week we talk about Wham City but that's just Dolly Parton's nipple as far as the local art/music scene goes, hon.) Jimmy Joe Roche, not really pictured above, creates more trouble than Cheney in Carhartts so we could only include a fraction of his "conversation starters" below - there's much more at Wham City. Here's a sample of some of the multimedia insania that should be on display this weekend.

If we had art like this in third grade, there wouldn't have been a paint chip left on the radiator:

Quoth Roche: "A mandala projected from the third eye of suburban back yards, cracked driveways, and dusty VCR's. The wizards of Baltimore and Wham City deal powerful magic, we'll need it soon, the dawn of this post-postmodern age is upon us." Zactly.

At the PLASTIC Artscape Satellite Exhibition, which examines our obession with replicas of orginal commodities, we ran into some fantastic work from Wham clan members Dina Kelberman (sister of Joshua from Santa Dads) and Ben Furgal. When not working on art exhibits, Kelberman runs Important Comics and is "...working on lots of stuff for Whartscape right now (at this very moment!) including schedules, posters, t-shirts, pins, a giant banner and other stuff, making an animated music video for Santa Dads, some costume stuff in a show called Antagonisms, Hacks and Hoaxes at the Maryland Art Place in August, a serious comic book, something more substantial than my other comics, and something i can reproduce in large quantities without wanting to kill myself. And Connor Kizer and I have a children's book project we've been talking about for years that I really want to make happen. Plus I'm always updating my own and Wham City's website, drawing flyers, and getting roped into other projects. Always too many things. I desperately want to stop needing food and sleep." Note she didn't say she was tired folks - just wishes she didn't need to sleep (Kelly Ripa's Tressant Suprême shampoo).

Furgal did Dan Deacon's cover art for Spiderman of the Rings. Here's a recent review of another recent exhibit he did with Jimmy Joe Roche.
Ben Furgal Super Site
Dina Kelberman Super Site
Jimmy Joe Roche Super Site

More from double J, the face of complete insanity:

And of course we're not art critics - we just like to dance around in the hall with our bookbags. So tell us what you think.

Back to music, Dirty Projectors play this Saturday night at Floristree in support of their new album Rise Above before heading out to tour in Europe and support Butter Team fave Beirut. Girzzly Bear's Chris Taylor twiddled the function buttons to support the DP's patchouli-flavored baklava of layered vocal harmonies.

Dirty Projectors - No More (from Rise Above)

The Jam - Art School
Cursive - Art is Hard
Talking Heads - Artists Only

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Whartscape Pt. 3 - The Underground Is Overcrowded

Baltimore's annual Artscape summer festival exists in your town in a smaller form; you already know it well - reunited soul groups crooning midday to boomers feeding funnel cake to tots on their knees at picnic benches with industrial strength red and white tablecloths. America, fuck yeah. But a few new festivals spawned last year in Charm City to serve the tattooed, weird and beautiful masses: Altskape, a showcase for Artscape's beloved but banished art car exhibit, and Whartscape, two sweaty nights of spazzcore madness at Wham City's battered Copycat warehouse.

Inducing a predictable cringe from the more conservative set, Whartscape is far from a blemish on the city or its music and art scene. Organizer Adam Endes (lead singer for Blood Baby, pictured above with a Ben Furgal piece) says, "...here was this art festival called Artscape happening. It wasn't really aimed at young people. It seemed to be for families and people who have money. So we figured, let's put on a show for the people who want loud music and crazy dancing."

A show for the people, indeed - Whartscape is back for its second year with an impressive lineup of (no longer) underground hotshits including Spank Rock, Dan Deacon and The Death Set. Despite losing their venue last year, organizers found digs at several local warehouse spaces and nearby club The Depot. The shenanigans have been expanded to three nights, with most of the action taking place at Floristree, a warehouse venue in the H+H building that doubles as home for a number of Baltimore musicians and artists. Floristree is a natural choice according to resident Jason Urick (also of experimental outfit/festival performers WZT Hearts) as the venue has hosted a number of Wham City shows. Urick also cites "the lack of suitable venues and our collective desire to see this event take place" and crediting fellow Floristree resident Matt Papich, of Whartscape co-organizers Wildfire Wildfire. Papich will be performing twice at Whartscape; Friday with his band Ecstatic Sunshine and Saturday night with The Death Set.

“Our main reason for having Whartscape during Artscape is that Baltimore is packed that weekend with a lot of people looking for stuff to do that a city-sponsored festival can’t really be host to,” Deacon told the City Paper . “Not that we are doing anything insane, but I don’t think Artscape would be too into Blood Baby screaming ‘stab my face’ at families eating gyros and looking at painted plates. Plus, Artscape ends at sundown, while we can rage into the night.”

Of course, Whartscape's expansion coincides with Wham City's ramped up national attention, due in no small part to the flurry of press (especially blog press, whatever) surrounding Deacon, who has remained an integral force in organizing the fest despite heavy touring. Endes insists plans to expand Whartscape percolated regardless of any outside attention or influence. "We are a group who wants to and strives to be better than we were at any previous point in any of our lives. We do this with all things." Local talk show host Ed Schrader adds, "It's hard to trace something like that because even before all of this media hubbub we had big ass shows and big turnouts. I think people just like sweaty warehouse spaces and lots of b.o. and cigarettes."

Sweaty, indeed - if you have tickets to the Saturday night show you might consider wearing your Bikram gear as temps as Floristree rise quickly even without Spank Rock's NR17 lyrics. And fellas, we know it's hot, but cutoff jean shorts are a choice you'll have to live with for a long time.

In the spirit of Wham City's long-standing "No Jerks" policy, and because many of the venues are literally people's cribs, organizers ask that Whartscape attendees heed these simple guidelines to make sure we can all Whart in peace:

-Don't cram the elevator so it gets stuck (maximum occupancy of six)
-Don't tag our house
-Don't pee in the stairwell or on our floor
-Don't start fights

Based on the rules above it would also be a good idea to avoid getting in pee fights.

Read a great article about the Wham City crew here by City Paper's Jess Harvel, with photos by Uli Loskot.

Archers of Loaf - Greatest Of All Time
Ben Folds Five - Underground
David Bowie - Underground
Whodini - Underground
Men At Work - Underground

A big shot out to Raven Baker for helping out with this week's coverage. Raven writes Soft Graffiti and is a staff contributor at Beatbots. Did we mention she's also a Charm City Roller Girl? Respect, safe.

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July 18, 2007

Shout Out Louds at Luna Lounge: Some Good Sh-

Butter Team satellite correspondents Colleen and Mimi had the pleasure of running into Shout Out Loud’s hottie multi-tasker Bebban Stenbourg (smoking, right) in the powder room at Brooklyn's Luna Lounge last night and report:

"She's looking sassier than ever. Bebs was definitely enjoying her time in New York despite being nervous about the show (possibly because her beloved accordion broke the night before). The setlist included crowd fave sing-along hits from Howl Howl Gaff Gaff and choice deli cuts from the upcoming Our Ill Wills, minus 'Hard Rain' which bummed us a bit. Fully equipped with agogo, xylophone, harmonica, tambourines, and the limited dance moves available to those in circulation-threatening white jeans, the band impressed the crowd so much that a "that guy" felt the need to jump on stage and pop an unexpected crowd dive, which ended in him face first on the hardwood floor. Jason Schwartzman Adam Olenius was trying his best not to notice, but it got enough Swedish giggles out of him that the ladies ooohed and ahhhed even more than before (that's us). All in all, great show and great energy!"

Thanks for the report and photo ladies. Anyone have a good version of the "Very Loud/Train in Vain" closer from both nights?

A side note - ever since we added Our Ill Wills to the ol' bobby digital portable soundsystem, all other bands in and around the "Sh" area have seen some serious pumpfake neglect. Apologies to Shuggie Otis, Shy Child, Shaky Hands, The Shins, Shapes and Sizes, Shearwater and especially Shout Out Out Out Out.

Shout Out Louds - It's Possible (alternate version of Impossible)
Shout Out Louds - Hard Rain

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July 17, 2007

Whartscape Saturday Night Sold Out

Suckas. A few tickets are still available for the Friday night show featuring Cex, High Places, Ecstatic Sunshine, Lexie Mountain Boys and WZT Hearts. Saturday afternoon is free with Beach House, Future Islands, Santa Dads, Lizz King, Yukon and family favorite Butt Stomach. For the full list including bonus Sunday activities visit Wildfire Wildfire. For those of you with tickets for Saturday night, the show now starts at 8pm.

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July 15, 2007

Whartscape Pt. 2: Mo' Artist Previews

Later in the week our new investigatory journalist Raven Baker will give you an even heartier helping of Whartscape - the origin and roots of its hideous name and the Wham City organizers behind all this nonsense - but today we'll crack into the long list of artists that call Bmore home and will, we assume, be simply rolling out of bed in their Umbros to perform this weekend. All illustrations courtesy of the talented folks at Baltimore production/record label Wildfire Wildfire.

Video Hippos won't know if you're warming up, starting to tap the feet. To gain the attention of the Kevin/Jim duo (with occasional function button twiddling from Wham fam member OCDJ) you must cause a real fit as they operate in a dark emergency room lit only by obscure cartoon noir. A big fat gask mask ensures drummer and animator Kevin O'Meara won't make himself sick with the beats, but you're on your own. Currently touring the neon green states with D. Deacon, and playing Saturday night at Floristree.

Buy their debut album Unbeast the Leash at the show.
Video Hippos - The List
Video Hippos - Kool Shades

We've all spent a few cloudless nights in vacant lots swigging NyQuil and using the B Heezy's witchy slide powers to seance mazzy stars, so, 'nuf said. They tour with Blonde Redhead in August so start perfecting your shoedaze now. Beach House plays Saturday afternoon at 120 North Ave. Buy their debut from Carpark.
Beach House - Apple Orchard
Beach House - Master of None
Beach House - Tokyo Witch

Ponytail play Saturday night at Floristree. Not really our steez but you have to respect the yelling and the shouting and what not.
Ponytail - Lion Down

Ecstatic Sunshine play Friday night at Floristree. We're pretty sure they now make up one Voltron portion of The Death Set, so. Pretty solid choppin.
Ecstatic Sunshine - Little Big Dipper

You "may" have heard of Mr. Dan Deacon, who could eat Tang crystals and watch Rad with James Lipton as they both stare at the "classically trained composer with a Masters degree in electro-acoustic composition" nametag affixed to his ripe neon Daffy Duck tee. Get tickets to the Saturday night show, which also includes Spank Rock, at Wildfire Wildfire or Wham City before it sells out. Don't you want to be a part of the Flickr zone?
Dan Deacon - Wham City
Buy Spiderman of the Rings from Carpark.

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July 14, 2007

Whartscape Pt. 1: Butter Team Sits on Santa Dads' Lap

And the Whartscape coverage officially begins...Butter Team waxed with Joshua Kelberman, lead uke chopper and the more scantily clad Dad, and Connor Kizer, bespectacled baritone beat boxer and one of several Wham City artists who earned their stripes at Purchase College, NY.

Wham City is getting more attention than ever outside of Baltimore as an emerging music and art collective - so is Whartscape considered sort of a national stage for you?

Joshua: "Really, this last month it hit us that Wham City is becoming known nationwide, thanks mostly to Dan [Deacon] mentioning it in all his press. We, as a group, know we need to organize and start pumping. Our headquarters is purely conceptual right now, but we're in the process of establishing real organization and structure and hopefully opening a venue within the next few months."

What's up with the costumes? Is it a shot out to 16th century French reformation theology and 17th century English political philosophy?

Joshua: "Dan found [the dress] in the street one time when he was coming over to my house. His girlfriend really wanted it but he decided I needed it and would get more use out of it. It is my favourite costume, so far, and expresses my true self well, and compliments Connor well, too. He was Hobbes for Halloween a couple years back and generally enjoys being a tiger and so that just stuck with him. We both think it's important to remember that during any performance, we are being seen by an audience through all of their senses, so we want to develop a complete experience for them to enjoy. Also, we, simply, love to wear costumes."

What else are you doing outside of the Dads?

Joshua: "I am a student of the occult. I have been in the process of preparation, enlightenment, and initiation, consciously, for the last few years. I have connected with my soul and I am able to perceive and understand knowledge and truth. I have found all of this in reality. This is my driving current. I wish to further connect with my soul and spirit in order to help all my fellow human beings assist all beings in the Great Cosmic Evolution. Meanwhile I work at Whole Foods downtown, slowly study Russian, Spanish, French and German, work to organize Wham City, perform as A Funny Clown, create prose, poetry, philisophical essays, and pieces for solo/group musical performace and other theatrical-based performance."

Favorite Golden Girl?

"My sister [Wham City artist Dina Kelberman] and I watched it growing up along with almost any other sitcom of the 80's and early 90's. At the time I watched it, we did not express any emotional attachment towards the characters on the show. It was more an affection for the concept of the television, not the shows or characters themselves. But if I must choose, as I know I must, my favourite Golden Girl will be Rose Nylund (Betty White). I love her hair, her innocence, her devotion to kindness and childish grace."

Santa Dads - You Don't Know
Santa Dads - WYGHYLU

Santa Dads play Whartscape in Baltimore this Saturday afternoon.
Network with them socially through MySpace and buy their new album Anima Mundi via local Wildfire Wildfire Records (makes a great Christmas or Father's Day gift).

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July 13, 2007

Butter Team Weekend Beats Vol. 11

You want to see that real ass shaking for a couple hours straight? Afrobeat's favorite Nigerian son Femi Kuti goes beng beng beng all over the 9:30 Club tonight (tickets are still on sale). And the 12 year old cat on the alto sax is Kuti Jr, so. Enjoy a few classics from Femi, his pop Fela and Nigeria's third most popular band (not to be confused with New Zealand's fourth most popular folk parody duo) below. Make some banana pancakes on this and try to be in a bad mood (from the window you might look a bit Beetlejuice but no worries).

Femi Kuti - Beng Beng Beng
Femi Kuti - Blackman Know Yourself
Fela Kuti - Shenshema
King Sunny Ade - Ma Jaiye Oni

And tomorrow following an afrobrunch we recommend the good b-boys and b-girls of Buttermore grab fridgid forties and watch Cali backpack crew Souls of Mischief make it rain in Sonar's kitchen.

A few Hieroglyphics classics :

Handsome Boy Modeling School feat. Del and De La Soul - The Projects
Souls of Mischief - 93 Til Infinity
Hieroglyphics -You Never Know (Domino remix)

Buy Hiero ish.

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July 12, 2007

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July 11, 2007

Stars vs. Eagle vs. Shark

Just saw Eagle vs. Shark, it's not the most amazing movie of all time but we can always use more uber random nerd flicks with crushingly awkward animal costume makeout sessions. Plus the soundtrack is classic kiwi summer.
Phoenix Foundation - Blue Summer
Phoenix Foundation - I Love You, Awesome (Original Version)
More Eagle vs. Shark

In unrelated news Stars' fourth album, In Our Bedroom After The War, is out now (our NYC correspondents are rabid fans). Listen and buy. Tour dates.

Stars - Take Me To The Riot

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July 10, 2007

Chromeo Pillages Buttermore, Steals Our Women

Was it their secret synth science that drove the stellas insane? Maybe the vocodor-laced fingersnap hand claps, or bobby digital high hats harkening young ones back to pop hits from their birth year? Or just the black leather Members Only jacket?

Indeed, Chromeo dropped hott Sunday electroplasma into the Baltimore City streets, a la Ghostbusters 2, leaving knee sock bunnies and bespectacled beatsters up to their chucks in dancefunk muck as temps cruised well above a hundo. Dave 1 raps with us backstage about Studio B, Daft Punk and the Golden Girls:

Anyone that cites Hall and Oates, Daft Punk, and the original P-Diddy (Collins) as influences must put together a strong package. Plus a local fun fact: The backstage at our favorite joint Sonar is highly customizable to help artists from different backgrounds feel comfortable before each gig. Chromeo chose the "streets is watchin" concept. Also available, not pictured: James Lipton's study, Warhol's washroom or generic principle's office.

Chromeo - Waiting 4 U
Chromeo on Hype Machine

Buy Chromeo's Fancy Footwork.

Needy Girl never gets old even after 1300 spins:

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July 9, 2007

Twiddle Your Function Buttons

Hips(ters) shook, albeit awkwardly, to Simian Mobile Disco's music:response strobe blast bleeps and blurts at Studio B in Brooklyn this Saturday. In a touching cross-continental welcome gesture, some audience members commemorated the Manchester remix team's first official US tour by displaying authentic local party culture garb such as the "definitely ironic" neckerchief and the "I'm mostly kidding" shirtless vest.

See what we mean:

Catch them live if you can, if not, put on a neckerchief and terrorize your hometown in headphones.

Simian Mobile Disco EP
Simian mp3s below.

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July 6, 2007

Butter Team Weekend Beats Vol. 10

Our weekend beats 'r bottomless ploppin off the top of this esophagus straight rockin this metropolis (sample condensed and revised FOC gangsta flow).

Basement party sneakers and safety reflector belt? Check.
Ecto cooler disco juice box? Check.
Cashmere sleeveless hoodie inspired by 4th to 9th century Arabic Geometry? Check.
Hearty travel mueslix and Choose Yar Own Adventure Pirate Book for the bus ride? Check.

So its off to NYC for Simian Mobile Disco at Studio B, then bring that beat back to Bodymore for Chromeo's two man two step at sucker-free Sunday Sonar.

Get on your grizzly:
Jackson Sisters - I Believe In Miracles
Avalanches - Run DNA
Spoon - Mean Mad Margaret (From Get Nice! EP)
Spoon - Tasty Fish (From Get Nice! EP)
Simian Mobile Disco - State of Things (from new Simian Mobile Disco EP)
Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (Spank Rock Fabriclive Mix)
Chromeo - My Girl Is Callin Me (Blaze extended edit)

If you have the money, go to the record store:
Simian Mobile Disco EP
Spoon (includes the Get Nice! extras EP)
Chromeo - Fancy Footwork

Plus Yo! FOC Raps:

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July 5, 2007

Straighten that extra fat paisley clip-on, we're back in business at Buttermore HQ after six days of sepia-soaked sun and Santoori time. We also made some extra hamiltons shooting a new billboard ad for No-Calorie Coca-Cola; keep an eye out for it in your borough soon.

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