September 28, 2007

Don't You Evah Stop Doing The Robot

Spoon- Don't You Evah
Spoon- Anything You Want (from Girls Can Tell)

Go to the record store

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September 26, 2007

This Friday - Diplo & Switch Tear Up Sonar

Wall to wall freakout and musical revelations. These dudes produced most of MIA's Kala by the way, along with tracks and remixes for the who's who of dancefloor bird flu filth including Spank Rock, Bonde do Role and Simian Mobile Disco.

This is the last stop on a tour that's been dropping pants and emptying crates across the states for two weeks. We also hear there's an afterparty from 2am-6am thrown by Stretch and Cobra Krames, not sure about the location yet but we're hoping it's Never on Sunday. Everybody seen the leprechaun say yeah! Get tickets here.

Spank Rock - Put That Pussy On Me (Diplo Tonite Remix) (it's good, be patient)
Bloc Party - Helicopter (Diplo Remix)
Beck - Go It Alone (Wish Coin Remix by Diplo)

Here's a recent mix Krames did for our favorite XM Radio station XMU, hint for the ladies it begins with Blonde Redhead and Nancy Sinatra so don't be afreared.

Cobra Krames - Sensitive Skin DJ Mix (live on XMU)

Get NPR for the streets with Mad Decent Radio
More Diplo and Switch

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September 21, 2007

100dBs - The Sound Of A One-Handed Man Rapping

New beats for your weekend - 100dBs. Before we say anything, open this link in a new window and bob your backpack while they rock the milk out your cat:

100dBs and Ryan O'Neil - Respect (feat. Prince Po)

100dBs is DJ/producer Dan Brenner, who moved to NY dirty last year after running a two-year house party from an old colonial estate outside of College Park, MD. He spins ragga and dancehall riddims in the East Village and recently teamed with Ryan O'Neil to drop The Adventures of The One Hand Bandit and The Slum Computer Wizard, a familiar flashback to the hip hop golden age that's been pushing my Volvo all week.

Fans of DJ Premier's two-bar cardboard breaks and scratched out choruses come for the production, buhloone mindstate heads stay for O'Neil's graduation ceremony laments on the materialized state of crime n' Crystal n' pissed out elevator shafts. Read the full Beatbots album review here. Close competition for best Paper Planes of the year:

100dBs - Paper Planes
M.I.A. - Paper Planes

100dBs also laid out a dub homage to Hova's Black Album awhile back called The Argyle Album, download the whole thing or grab a few of our favorites:

Lucifer (100dBs Remix)
What More Can I Say (100dBs Remix)

Lastly and most importantly, if you like what you hear (and all the great free music on their site) drop them a line and pick up the new album for only $8 by bob digi download here. It's the sound of some talented, hard-working hip hop heads seeking enlightenment through the hustle.

Update: Check out an interview with Brenner and O'Neil via Urban Species here.

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September 20, 2007

Girl Talk, Dan Deacon, White Williams at Church 9/18

Master of the Bmore indie electro universe Dan Deacon established a temporary Castle Greenskull at St. John's Church Tuesday night with White Williams and Girl Talk.

Someone stole Dan's glasses and later gave them back. White Williams did not have glasses so we gave him some. He also had two guitarists playing along with drum machines, a laptop, an array of vocal effects and a synthesizer. Girl Talk almost made us feel bad about being in church in the dark next to sweaty tenderonis and a giant inflatable spider.

Two samples from Williams' debut Smoke which drops Nov. 6 via Tigerbeat6:
White Williams - Headlights (via Crackers United)
White Williams - New Violence

This show was all ages!

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September 19, 2007

Best of Baltimore Awards, Double Dagger @ Hampden Fest

Baltimore Taper Jeff Mewbourn and the Beatbots A/V team offer the audio from Double Dagger's Hampden Fest performance this weekend. Get it here.

And this is awkward, three days after we feature Double D's politically supercharged "Luxury Condos for the Poor," City Paper names it Best Song 2007 in their annual Best of Baltimore roundup. So cheers to Nolen, Bruce and Denny for the accolades, as we understand this honor also includes a power brunch with Sheila Dixon.

Double Dagger - Hampden Fest 9/15/07 (stream or download)

Other Best of Baltimore winners:

Best Solo Artist - OCDJ (more)
Best Live Band - Ponytail (Death Set won last year)
Best Local Album - Dan Deacon - Spiderman of the Rings (more)
Best Singer/Songwriter - Lizz King
Best Online Arts Community - Beatbots
Best Label - Creative Capitalism

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September 16, 2007

Double Dagger To B-More: "You're Building A Ghost Town"

Don't be turned away by the thrash, Baltimore's Double Dagger are loud because there's something to be said and no one's listening. Actually lots of people are listening to the music - they were the most anticipated act at this weekend's Hampden Fest (above). But with new full-length Ragged Rubble released this summer, the band maintains its self-proclaimed designcore sound while becoming astute political voices against Baltimore's overzealous waterfront gentrification.

A classic example of Baltimore's DIY artistic spirit, Double Dagger have built a bubbling underground buzz fueled by stageless basement performances, limited press EPs and miles of amazing screenprinted posters, packaging, and shirts from their own graphic design firm Post Typography. And all that would be worthless if they didn't also put on a ridiculous show.

Singer Nolen Stral told You Work For Them, "When we began the band a few years ago, we planned Double Dagger as a graphic design punk concept band. Design and art references made their way into a lot of the lyrics, as parallels and metaphors for the usual stuff punk bands yell about...Double Dagger has also provided us a chance to design and screenprint a lot of posters, packaging, and shirts, so it's also a chance to express ourselves visually and be our own client. We're also really loud." (fun fact: even their name is a typographic reference)

Somewhere along the way Double Dagger picked up bigger boulders to throw. Beatbots editor Justin Blemly says "Singer Nolen Stral’s vocals sound more urgent and inflammatory than ever, gravitating here towards themes of modern consumer culture and the yuppification of Baltimore city. On 'Luxury Condos for the Poor' he decries, 'you've lived here your whole life / well it's time to get out / we're building waterfront grave sites, 30 stories high / where dreams of fictional people live, while the city around you dies'. A serious document of what’s going on in the 'Greatest City in America' right now."

When he's not popping veins on his forehead and exposing tonsils to an audience member, Stral's scream/speak lyrics provide purpose and a calming sanity to the song; he knows when to sit everyone down for the message.

Be sure to catch them at the newly reopened Lo-Fi Social Club in October.

Double Dagger - Luxury Condos For The Poor
Double Dagger - Camera Chimera
Double Dagger - Army v.Navy (live on WFMU)

Some Les Savy Fav for good art punk measure:
Les Savy Fav - The Equestrian
Les Savy Fav - Meet Me In The Dollar Bin
Les Savy Fav - The Sweat Descends

More Double Dagger
More Les Savy Fav
Buy Double Dagger's Ragged Rubble

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September 13, 2007

Baltimore Bangers n' Brazilian Baile!

Surprise performances from MC Spank Rock = cash money lightning. In this quick clip Baltimore native Naeem Juwan helps get the baile kids from Bonde do Role ready for the show, then Marina spits some Portugese for us re: Daft Punk and Afrika Bambatta, then everyone sings about Dwight Schrute:

When it was all said and done the guests included Ponytail, Plastic Little, Spank Rock, Bonde do Role, and even dirty dancing cameos by Johnny from The Death Set. If you have a chance to see Plastic Little, do - homeys laid it down like a glass carpet even during sober hour. Spank stepped in for a few dick joke songs then dropped his own solo set with mad decent bongo players, following Baltimore municipal regulations by performing at least half of the set in the crowd. Thanks to Josh Sisk for the photos.

Marina stole the show (e nossos corações) with her sweaty trampoline bounce and a filthy lyrical assault. Pretty sure at one point she drilled Portugese derenger rounds over Europe's The Final Countdown, so. Plus there's just something about a feisty Brazilian bomber in black spandex, heavy eyeliner and a Slayer shirt that works for us on multiple levels. Props to the Taxlo folks and Emily Rabbit for keeping it solid steel, tonight they come back with Spank Rock DJs Devlin and Darko.

See more Flickr sets here and here.

Bonde do Role - Solta O Frango
Spank Rock - Rick Rubin (President Eutl remix feat. Page Rock)
Spank Rock Girls and Boys (Original)
Plastic Little - The Jump Off

You can preview and download the entire Plastic Little set here courtesy of Jeff Mewbourn aka the Baltimore Taper.

More Spank Rock
Buy Spank Rock, Bonde do Role, Plastic Little

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September 12, 2007

Tonight We Dance With Lasers

Quite a rowdy lineup tonight from the TaxLo folks at Sonar with a cockfight between Bonde do Role, Ponytail, Plastic Little and "special guests."

"Bonde Do Role is a bunch of cute, feisty kids from southern Brazil who like boobs and are inspired by the Funk Bailes in Rio, which are basically murderous indoor games of Capture the Flag set to beats and piles of cocaine. The music is super bouncy and the girl sounds like she’s chanting cute jump-rope rhymes until your Portuguese-speaking friend walks in the room and starts cracking up and you’re like, “What’s so funny?” That’s when your friend tells you that the singer just said: “I was at a party/ And I saw a whore/ I put my tongue in her ___hole/ And my tongue came out all dirty.” And you’re like “HAHAHA! Hi, favorite new band.” - Vice

Party jumps off at 9 with Plastic Little. What's the jump off? It's when your worst enemy's momma gets beat down by ninjas at disney world.

Bonde Do Role - Melo Do Tabacco XXXChange Remix
Ponytail - Lion Down

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Rad II Updated on Modine Wiki

In case you hadn't checked the Matthew Modine wikipedia entry yet this morning, our Rad II trailer is now listed.

Which means when third grade kids do book reports on The Joker they can take a quick break to get juiced up by a training montage set to a Teen Wolf hoops track including lyrics such as:

I stood empty handed
Like a seagull stranded
Watching all the other seagulls soar

I was blinded by the pain
Running wild through the rain
In a parody of ecstacy

I was inches from the edge
Fingers clinging to the ledge again
I never thought I'd win

Win in the end
I'm gonna win in the end
Win in the end
I'm gonna win in the end

I am stronger than they think
They can force me to the brink again
But now I know I'll win (in the end son)

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September 11, 2007

FabricLive 36 Cracks Hipster Dance Code

Breaking news for the scientific strobe light community - James Murphy and Pat Mahoney may have finally isolated the hipster genome that dictates social dancefloor movement. We'll spare you the suspense - the secret is disco! It's so obvious now that you know.

After years of spinning plates and twiddling waxy lab knobs across the globe, the LCD Soundsystem crewmates emerge with FABRICLIVE 36, a sweat n' spandex blend of seminal disco, deep rare grooves and edgy tech-infused funk. The result is unashamed hand-clapping fun, upfront rhythms, heartwarming guilty pleasures, and a glimpse of the robot-dominated future late 70s funkmasters were sure we were doomed for.

Butter team sat down with LCD Soundsystem drummer Pat Mahoney today to get the scoop. Listen to a really quick snippet of the interview here or see a few quotes below:

On the secret to breaking the hipster's double helix of crossed arms:
"I think it's disco. You gotta trick 'em into it though. You can't come right out of the gate with the deep stuff or they get shy." (Pat's recommended warm-on-contact lubricants include Arthur Russell and ESG)

On making mixtapes:
“We find doing mix CDs horrifying to a certain degree because there’s nobody there, so it’s just like, ‘What are we doing?!’ It’s like you’re just yelling into the air. We bought an old Bozak for this – the first DJ mixer ever built, hand-built [off Craig's List]. It sounds incredible. Everything sounds nicer and bigger and smoother and beautiful. The mix itself will have a little bit of stuff that isn’t necessarily what we’d play in a club. But we’d like it to be fun. So we’ll just do it a bunch of times live. Do it until you like it, that’s actually our motto.”

You can review every song on FabricLive 36 here, which will be released on October 2nd to Fabric First members, November 11th in the US and October 15th elsewhere. We highly recommend grabbing it before your friends do and copping all the beats for your own super smooth late night. Maybe rename the playlist "a few crate digs from last week" and don't look back.

In the meantime, here's one of our favorite originals featured in the mix (Junior Byron), a classic LCD Soundsystem jam that first appeared as a b-side to Losing My Edge, Loose Joints from Arthur Russell and some Gil! Scott! Heron!

Junior Byron - Dance To The Music (very, very dope)
LCD Soundsystem - Beat Connection (edit)
Arthur Russell - Pop Your Funk
Gil Scott-Heron - The Bottle

Buy LCD Soundsystem, Junior Byron, Arthur Russell, Gil Scott-Heron

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September 9, 2007

Rad II: The Matthew Modine Challenge

We've waited more than 20 years for a Rad sequel, signed the DVD petition, and still nothing. So this week the Butter Team crew took the matter into our own hands and began filming Rad II: The Matthew Modine Challenge.

The movie takes place in Baltimore, 2009, where all bikes have been banned and the punk kids instead turn to freestyle stair climbing and radical monument jumping. Matthew Modine issues a challenge to climb the Mount Vernon tower stairs using fresh moves, and the plot follows two young men as they train and prepare to answer this call. It's really turning out to be something special, our goal is to have the single longest training montage in Amercian cinematic history, right now we're up to about 55 minutes.

A few changes in the lineup as the original actors were now way too old to participate - we actually hired Cru Jones' cousin Dennis Jones and Bart Connor's son Terrence Connor to fill the archetypal underdog/reigning champ roles. We were unable to find suitable lookalikes for the Reynolds twins.

Here's the trailer:

Mark Safan - Win In The End

This might be too easy, but if you can name the movie that song came from then let us know. Hint: one of the best movies of all time. View some footage from the original Rad here.

Butter Team will return to actual music reporting tomorrow when we will be interviewing Pat Mahoney from LCD Soundsytem to discuss their latest FabricLive entry.

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September 6, 2007

"Have You Seen That Cadbury Gorilla Phil Collins Commercial"

is what everyone says at the company tang cooler today. It's what we in the marketing profession might call a "viral video" because it's so money, at a basic level, you must watch several times and cease work for the next ten minutes until you've sent the video to everyone with a good sense of humor. So:

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip, and thanks to Cadbury for the magic. We will buy one Cadbury chocolate item next Easter because of this video. Probably.

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (live)

Here's the original p diddy discussing the origins of the song, which he wrote after killing a drifter to get an erection:

We challenge anyone to name a song doper than Sussudio.

Phil Collins - Sussudio

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September 5, 2007

Watch The White Kids Loosen Up

This midweek underground freakout brought to you San Fran's favorite psych-rock quartet Wooden Shjips. The extra j is just there and we ask that you let it be.

Dance, California:

Zagat-like press materials cite them as having hints of krautrock, desert-fried garage psych, dance drone and trance-inducing organ haze, and we fully agree, so, way to get that "sounds like" part out of the way for us. And not that Rolling Stone is relevant to music, or has been for more than a decade, but David Fricke likes these cats too, and we respect that cat.

Don't confuse these guys with the jazz flute band Old Wooden Ships who had several hits off their debut album "Diversity" in San Diego, early 70s.

Enjoy a brown tab off their newest EP:

Wooden Shjips - We Ask You To Ride

Buy things and hear more here.

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