February 28, 2008

Taste The Acoustic Rainbow

Although various heady jams that would appear on In Rainbows trickled out several years prior, including "Arpeggi" and "House of Cards" in 2005, the first taste came with Thom Yorke's breathtaking solo acoustic encore "Big Ideas" on the last night of their 2003 tour supporting Hail to the Thief. Of course this stripped-down version later became "Nude" - and the fact that Radiohead can sit on songs this good for that long makes you wonder what's in the vault.

Radiohead - Big Ideas (Nude - acoustic live 12/4/03)

Thom Yorke - Reckoner (acoustic live on Johnathan Ross)

While we're on big ideas, LCD Soundsystem offers a new suburban treadmill motivator via the 21 soundtrack arriving 3/14, per usual James Murphy builds steam using only handclaps and a grain of salt.

LCD Soundsystem - Big Ideas

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February 27, 2008

Thrushes Keep It Popping

Fresh from a band meeting in the forest which appears to have been extremely fruitful, Thrushes offer you new videos, remixes, merch, interviews, you name it. Was pretty sure we told you they won't stop (or did Steve tell you that)?

Bmore's top fuzzpop heaters recently dropped an open challenge to friends and fans to remix their hit song "Heartbeats" from 2K7's Sun Come Undone - they picked their favorites and SĒN Baltimore has been posting two new tracks every day this week...New blog on the block Aural States recently made a house call for tea and crisps with the gang to talk about a sophomore LP which might be ready this summer...And you can watch locally grown videos or feather your merch nest over at the Thrushes general store.

Thrushes - Into The Woods

What did we miss?

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Beach House Contest Winner Announcement

Gather 'round kids, we've posted the winners for autographed CDs and a big cart of BH booty here:

Beach House Contest Winner Announcement

You can buy a copy of Devotion (Pitchfork liked it) or pick one up at their launch party tomorrow night at the G-Spot (show starts at 9). Need help finding the G-Spot? That's what we're here for. Thanks again to Beach House and Ian from Musebox for the goods.

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February 26, 2008

New Double Dagger: No Allies

Like a forgotten petri dish buried deep within Umbrella Corporation labs, the lyrics from Bmore's nastiest punk trio are mutating, evolving even, from obscure typography/art jokes to powerful action rallies against the city's socio-economic inequalities.

New song "No Allies" - available soon via one of two 7" to be released this spring - opens with a solitary distress signal from bassist Bruce Willen; answer it and get yanked into a sweaty pile of warehouse kids thrashing to "no allies - we don't need you on our side."

Double Dagger - No Allies (live 2/23/08)

Get the whole set from Jeff Mewbourn over at the Beatbots A/V Club, or hear the studio version on their MySpace. Next local show is 3/4 at Floristree.

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February 25, 2008

Last Day To Enter The Beach House Contest

Drop your name in the hat here to win an autographed copy of Devotion.

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Edmonton's Finest Visits Ottobar March 5

Not that guy. We're talking about 21-year-old rapper/producer/dj Rollie Pemberton, aka Cadence Weapon, who will roll through the states with Born Ruffians to promote his sophomore LP Afterparty Babies.

Solid album name, and solid beats - particularly if you like 'em glitchy with lyrics set on free flow.

Cadence Weapon - Black Hand

Cadence Weapon - In Search of the Youth Crew

Cadence Weapon - Sharks

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February 22, 2008

Nuuro Masters The Beats

Respect the cojones on Nuuro, a high school kid from Venezuela who makes a couple decent laptop beats in his room and then throws on the track suit for some street shots. Can't say we'd be any different.

"Edison Melodies" flips a peaceful Jose Gonzalez jaunt into Four Tet-style blip hop, with, actually, pleasing results. Nice work son.

Nuuro - Edison Melodies

Jose Gonzalez - Remain

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February 20, 2008

How Big Is It Going Down?

As Mickey Free from the B says, it's going down real big. Couple updates - first, local beatsmith Shields is prepping his debut album/mixtape A Beyond Experience Vol. 1 for a spring drop date, he says it's "on some go walk in the park style." Fresh sample below with more details later.

Shields - Dip Trip

Jones, Height, The Plural MC, PT Burnem, and Bow n' Arrow are playing a Rap Round Robin show at the Current Gallery this Saturday - Jones says "all the acts will be set up at the beginning, each playing a song in turn until all have played four songs. One long mega-set, multiple PAs." This sounds filthy, don't miss it. If anyone can take some decent pics or video and share with us afterwards that would be tops. Directions here.

Height - Bad Weather

PT Burnem - Heart Beat

The Plural MC/Frenemies - Rap Tornado (Miami Nice)

Jones - Too Dope

Bow n' Arrow - Cybersex

The irony potential for Devlin & Darko wearing these shirts is layered and complex, so approach with caution. Is it for serious? And who just made guacamole? Answers to these questions and more can be found at the Fully Fitted blog where semi-local celeb contributors including Pase Rock, xxxchange, Mr. Devlin and Ronnie Darko argue which Mad Max movie was the tightest and occasionally share music, like this sneak leak from their upcoming Fully Fitted EP.

Mad Decent/Fully Fitted - 100 Million

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I'll Make The Best Weapon

Dublin's The Dying Seconds sent over some samples to check out this week, and we're pretty keen on this track below. Who doesn't love laptop fuzz pop with character?

The Dying Seconds - I'll Make The Best Weapon

As a brand new band, homeys don't have a label yet - so they're offering their debut album as a free download here. Let us (and them) know what you think.

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Bordeaux: So Hot Right Now

France's Bordeaux-Arcachon-Libourne metro area has always provided fertile ground for fine art of all types, and no lie, it's also home to the world's most powerful laser (Laser Mégajoule). Here we look at what else is hot in the Aquitaine region.

Monade (the nom de plume of Laetitia Sadier when she isn't fronting Stereolab) released sophomore effort Monstre Cosmic via bob digital channels, iTunes, et al yesterday. Originally starting out as her bedroom-recording project, Monade is now a delightfully swoony four-piece beast based near Bordeaux; and an ideal audio accompaniment for relaxing on the Côte d'Argent or selecting top gear market produce.

Monade - Regarde

While they might initially lose points for citing The Strokes as major influences, it's important to note that the members of Kid Bombardos are still actual kids who've absorbed various trickles of garage hipster runoff over the last few years and amazingly managed to create something non-derivative. Well played messieurs.

Kid Bombardos - I Round The Bend

They've got beats for days on the MySpace, including a nasty alternate acoustic version of "I Round The Bend" that sounds like The Bees on holiday. Thanks to Bibadibi for the tip.

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February 18, 2008

Beach House Contest

We're all eagerly awaiting the sophomore return from Bmore favorites Beach House next week - the first cuts from Devotion below are simply outstanding - and to celebrate, Alex and Victoria are bringing dusty prom dresses and fish bowls to a city near you.

Thanks to the kind folks from Musebox, they're also donating three autographed copies of Devotion to a few lucky BT readers, and for anyone close enough to attend their Bmore kickoff show on 2/28 at the G-Spot, a SUPER prize pack containing:

2 tickets to the 2/28 Baltimore show
1 copy of Devotion
$20 Gift Certificate to Sound Garden Record Store
$30 Gift Certificate to SaSa's Spa
$30 Gift Certificate to Crimson and Clover Florist
$30 Gift Certificate to Double Dutch Boutique

To enter, send an email to (contest is closed) or leave a comment below including your name, email and city/state.

All U.S. residents are eligible to win the CDs, locals are eligible to win the superschwag basket (must pick up at the show). We'll do random drawings from all entries next week.

Click here to see a full map of their tour stops, get a free poster by pre-ordering Devotion here, and be sure to check out solid openers The Papercuts. Let the contest begin!

Beach House - You Came to Me (from Devotion)

Beach House - Gila (from Devotion)

Beach House - Apple Orchard

Papercuts - John Brown

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February 16, 2008

Butter Team Weekend Beats Vol. 21

Please to enjoy (beats after the jump).

Mercy Arms - Kept Low (Cut Copy remix)

Sebastien Tellier - Divine

Mgmt - Kids

Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor

Pulp - Sorted for E's & Wizz

Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train

Radiohead - 4 Minute Warning

Previous Weekend Beats installments

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Cut Copy Say They Plan To Visit Baltimore Soon

Melbourne's second-coolest people will board the cutter copter for a cameo at Sonar on May 17 with The Black Kids. Corey Worthington opens.

Tracklist for In Ghost Colours out via Modular on April 8th:
1. Feel The Love
2. Out There On The Ice
3. Lights and Music
4. We Fight For Diamonds
5. Unforgettable Season
6. Midnight Runner
7. So Haunted
8. Voices In Quartz
9. Hearts on Fire
10. Far Away
11. Silver Thoughts
12. Strangers In The Wind
13. Visions
14. Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
15. Eternity One Night Only

Cut Copy - Autobahn Music Box (XFM session)

Cut Copy - Future (Chromeo remix)

Previous Cut Copy on Butter Team

"I suggest you go home and take a good long look at yourself."
"I have. Everyone has. They love it."

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5 Things To Check At Beatbots

City Paper voted Beatbots as Bmore's Best Online Arts Community for a reason - it's a teeming beehive of creative activity among bearded and non-bearded artists alike, and 'bots founder Justin Blemly recently hooked everything up with a new redesign to keep things slick. A few things to note on your next visit:

1 - Message Boards - The rare online forum that people actually use. Great place to get more info on that show you're sort of thinking about going to, discuss The Wire, post a photo of your overweight pet, etc.
2 - A/V Club - Baltimore Taper Jeff Mewbourn and others upload, you guessed it, audio and video from recent local shows. If you ask nicely enough, you can even get re-posts of archived sets from last year's Whartscape.
3 - Webzine Features - Everything is game here - from Small Sur's Bob Kielsun taking a closer look at hacking, Baltimore's urban adaptation of a paid hitchhiking system, to a faithful review of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Eight: Vol. 1.
4 - Calendar- Great if you like mostly unknown/obscure acts, although a new feature also lets you add your own events to the list.
5 - Site redesign - it's all new and improved - so get over there and check it out! And if everything you write turns to Skittles, you may even be eligible to join the staff. At the very least get on there and start "contributing" your irrelevant ramblings and NSFW YouTube links.

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February 14, 2008

Zombie Heaven

Just as Wes Anderson's use of The Kinks has prompted a younger generation's British re-Invasion, The Zombies wait just beyond the reach of classic rock radio to be discovered and appreciated on another level. We've awarded late-night headphone play almost exclusively to the undead popsters over the last few months (excluding In Rainbows of course), and recommend you try it out. Here's a quick primer:

1968's Odessey and Oracle is the Pet Sounds of their collection, an album that's received more acclaim over the last ten years than when it was released and is widely considered to be one of the top 50-100 albums of all time. My personal favorite is their remastered double LP Decca Stereo Anthology, while completists might go for Zombie Heaven, a 4 CD collection with demos, rarities and live recordings.

Favorites from the Decca Stereo Anthology:

The Zombies - Don't Go Away
The Zombies - Nothing's Changed
The Zombies - I Can't Make Up My Mind

Samples from Zombie Heaven:

The Zombies - Tell Her No (acoustic BBC)
The Zombies - Sometimes
The Zombies - Summertime (demo)

Zombie Fun Facts:
1. Odessey and Oracle was recorded in Abbey Road studios just a few months after Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band wrapped up. By the time it was released in April 1968 the band had split; the following year "Time of the Season" became a massive radio hit.
2. "Odyssey" had been misspelled in the cover designs, although at first they tried to play it off. This is why you don't hire the bass player's flatmate for production duties.
3. Odessey and Oracle is one of the very first records to utilize a Mellotron keyboard, largely because their budget didn't allow for session musicians. Mellotrons were later found to be extremely pimp.
4. While the band was in NYC promoting "She's Not There" a few years earlier, drummer Hugh Grundy pitched in for a Shangri-Las gig by revving a backstage motorcycle during their performance of "Leader of the Pack."

The Shangri-Las - Leader of the Pack

If you love The Zombies as much as we do, holla back. It's also OK if you want to discuss a passion for zombies in general, your hypothetical chances of surviving a post-apocalytpic attack, or some of the plans you've already made for if/when this happens.

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February 13, 2008

Come On DB, Play One For Me

Keep your V-day spirits high with a special mix from 100dBs. Dan knows you don't bring Kool-Aid to a grown man's party so this is all classic heat.

Stevie Wonder - I Don't Know Why
Jimmy Ruffin - What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
The Mad Lads - I Don't Want To Lose Your Love
Chuck Jackson - I Like Everything About You
Dionne Warwick - Walk On By
Sly And The Family Stone - If You Want Me To Stay
Tom Tom Club - Genius Of Love
Otis Redding - Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
Simon And Garfunkel - Cecilia
Jackson Five - I Want You Back

Keep it on the download

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February 12, 2008

Simian Mobile Disco at Apple Soho

The James' from SMD have dropped additional live treats on us via an eight track iTunes exclusive.

01. Sleep Deprivation
02. Animal House
03. The Go! Team - Ladyflash (Simian Mobile Disco Mix)
04. It's the Beat
05. System
06. Hustler
07. Tits & Acid
08. Scott

If you have, the money, go to the record store.

The Go! Team - Ladyflash (Simian Mobile Disco mix)

Remember how much fun we had at their Brooklyn show last year? Oh man. But the audience was so hott it was distracting.

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February 11, 2008

The Teenagers: French Kiss

No one is capturing the spirit (and libido) of American adolescence right now like The Teenagers, no matter they're from Paris and live in London. They know the angst and anticipation of watching Dirty Dancing in your room with a new Julie, waiting for the perfect moment, and then going all in during the "nobody puts baby in the corner" scene.

The Teenagers - French Kiss

I thought these guys were a total joke when I heard "Homecoming" for the first time, but now who's laughing? The Teenagers are laughing, all of them. Reality Check is available on iTunes now. Be sure to also check Soko's amazing cover of "Love No" here.

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February 10, 2008

Divine Hammer Redux

Not much is known about Jovenes y Sexys other than they fancy Snack Packs and Kim Deal as much, if not more, than we do.

Jovenes y Sexys - Divine Hammer (Breeders Cover)

The Breeders - Divine Hammer

Thanks to TTSO for the tip.

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February 9, 2008

The Field Mice (and other Britpop classics)

Nice to know that for every British indie pop band that found moderate commercial success in the late 1980s there are a dozen more equally worth your attention. I first heard about The Field Mice through resident twee pop curator Matt from Skatterbrain and have been "celebrating their catalogue" ever since. A true gem hidden amongst (and in spite of) the murky C-86 British alternative movement, The Field Mice helped popularize a combination of shambolic janglepop, homespun synth fuzz and cheap drum-machine rhythms that would influence almost every Manchester/Glasgow export for the next two decades. Not bad for a band that only existed for three years (they broke up in 1991).

The Field Mice - You're Kidding Aren't You

The Field Mice - Sensitive

The Field Mice - Annoint (Peel session)

The majority of their work has recently been reissued and is available on iTunes among other spots, For Keeps + Singles is a great place to start. A few more classics from the C-86/Rough Trade era:

Josef K - Sorry For Laughing
Primal Scream - Velocity Girl
This Poison - Poised Over The Pause Button
Shop Assistants - Safety Net
The Flatmates - I Could Be In Heaven
The Soup Dragons - Whole Wide World

For a full historical overview of where all of this stuff came from, check Pitchfork's Twee as Fuck feature, and if indie pop is your steez be sure to get your regular fix at Skatterbrain.

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New Nada Surf Video: Whose Authority

Makes being a Brooklyn-based NYC bike messenger look pretty fun except for the whole extremely dangerous/pay for your own health insurance thing.

Nada Surf - Whose Authority

Picked up Lucky today and so far, so good.

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February 8, 2008

We Are Not Going To Blog About Vampire Weekend

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February 7, 2008

The Death Set Prep For Worldwide Dominance

The The Death Set's Johnny Siera waxes with UK-based Fact Magazine about moving to Bmore, signing to Ninja Tune, and new album Worldwide which hits stores soon. A few excerpts:

Was there ever a specific desire to move to Baltimore, given its musical legacy?

Definitely not, I’d never heard of it! It was bizarre; before moving there I knew nothing about it, but when I first came down I saw… Well, there’s this building called the Copycat – I actually just moved out of it – and it’s an art display house place. I was still living in Brooklyn and I came down for a show; it was Dan Deacon and a band called Ecstatic Sunshine. And the kids were just going fucking bonkers; it was honestly like nothing I’d seen in my entire life – not in Australia, not in Europe, and not in New York. I was blown away; Dan was making everyone lie on the floor and jump up when the song starts. And compared to the typical cross-armed responses we’d got in the previous places we’d been to, it was really inspiring.

How far done is the new album?

The new record has been done for ages; the reason for the delay is that Counter, from Ninja Tunes just bought out the record, as I’m sure you’re aware. It’s finished; it’s coming out probably March or April, which gives us some time to prepare and promo for it. We’ve got a seven inch coming out in Europe and the UK, and that will be the prelude to the full album. So yeah, really soon!

I’m sure your live shows allude to where you’re going, but what can someone who’s only heard the Rad Warehouses and To EPs expect from the new album?

It’s about – well, it is – twenty five minutes and eighteen tracks. It’s still hi-energy, up-tempo, spastic punk rock songs with electronic elements; it’s a little bit sparsed out with interludes and stuff, but it’s still pretty fast-paced. It’s 100% like the EPs, so you can expect more of the same. I’m excited dude, it’s been on my shoulders for a while so it’s nice to really get it out there…

Read the rest of the interview here. Thanks to Hannah for the heads up.

The Death Set - Intermission

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Hello, New Favorite French Songstress

Last night a perfect lo-fi electrofolk song on XM Radio stopped me in my tracks. I knew immediately this girl must be an extremely hot moppy-headed French tomboy brat that loves horribly cheesy American 80s movies and kicks your ass in Mario Kart. This morning a quick image search confirms. Soko.

Her raspy talk-sing showcased in cult hit "I'll Kill Her" and recent cover of The Teenagers "Love No" has been on nonstop rotation all day, along with the Teenagers debut Reality Check which is only available digitally right now on iTunes, etc.

Soko - Love No (The Teenagers cover)

Soko - I'll Kill Her

The Teenagers - Sunset Beach (cfcf remix)

"I'll Kill Her" acoustic:

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What's Going On In Bmore This Weekend?

Tell us where you're headed - White Williams, Pontiak, Superdrag, or maybe something cool we don't even know about.

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February 6, 2008

New Ones From Nada Surf

Don't Nada Surf have a new album coming out soon? Right you are scoob. And the crew at My Old Kentucky Blog have several new ones from a recent acoustic performance on Acoustic Café.

Nada Surf - Whose Authority (Acoustic Cafe)

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February 5, 2008

Two Turntables, No Microphone (Craze Interview)

Jens Lekman's self-released seven inch doesn't help if Nina drops the cardboard, and The New Pornographers are useless when Cecilia wants to blow speakers. Let's face it - you can't even pop and lock to Aesop Rock.

Your music collection (and game) needs more raw booty house. Old-school electro. Baltimore/Miami bass ghettotech. Deep nods to Tuff Crew, Coldcut and Magic Mike; fresh beats from Bangers and Cash, Cool Kids and Blaqstarr. But where could you get two decades' worth of street in one mix? And can it be here by Friday?

As the only DJ to hold down the DMC World Championships three times in a row, Craze is quite literally one of the best scratch DJs in the world. The world son! So when London's top club commissioned Craze to put up something serious for their FabricLive Series, good things ensued. We sat down with the Miami-based (ha) DJ to discuss the Fabric mix, Baltimore/Miami cartel connections, leaving the DnB scene, and why grape nuts are neither grapes nor nuts.

Listen to the interview here

Tracklist below with a few of the original mp3s (not the mix version). Spoon yourself a hefty serving of Dulcolax before listening, this ish is real tight.

01. Craze – Intro Ft. Armanni Reign - Craze
02. N.O.R.E. – Set It Off Ft. Swizz Beatz and J. Ru$$ - Babygrande
03. Cool Kids – I Rock – Chocolate Industries
04. Cool Kids – Black Mags – Chocolate Industries
05. Bangers and Cash - Loose – Downtown (not appropriate for anyone)
06. Tuff Crew – My Part Of Town - Warlock
07. Jan Hammer – Miami Vice Theme - Universal
08. Miami Jam Crew – Pretty Girls – Midtown
**. DJ Blaqstarr – Shake It To The Ground Ft. Rye Rye (Acapella) – Mad Decent
09. Lushus – Ho Fo Sho - Craze
10. The Beat Club – Security - Warners
11. Chromeo – Bonafied Lovin’ (Eli Escobar Remix Ft. Pase Rock) – Back Yard
12. Treasure Fingers – Cross The Dancefloor – Treasure Fingers
13. DJ Blaqstarr – Supastarr – Mad Decent
14. Coldcut – True Skool Ft. Roots Manuva (Switch Remix) – Ninja Tune
15. Earth, Wind and Fire – Brazilian Rhyme - Sony
16. Armand Van Helden – I Want Your Soul – Ministry Of Sound
17. Debbie Deb - When I Hear Music – Pandisc
18. Magic Mike – Magic Mike Cutz The Record – Cheetah
19. Quadrant Six – Body Mechanic - Atlantic
20. DJ Laz – Red Alert – Pandisc
21. Fresh Celeste and M4 Sers – Give It All To Me – JR Records
22. Bangers And Cash – Shake That - Downtown
23. The Pase Rock – Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge (Klever Remix) – Fully Fitted
24. Kazey & Bulldog – Big Truck – Dress-2-Sweat
25. The Chemical Brothers – Get Yourself High (Switches Rely On Rub) – EMI
26. Kid Sister – Pro Nails Remix feat. Kanye West – Fools Gold
27. DJ Assault – Pushin’ (Deekline, Wizard & Freq Nasty Mix) - Rat

FabricLive.38 is available via UK retail next Monday and stateside in March - and as always, you can sample every song online before buying (great idea). Big ups to Craze and James/Clare from the Fabric Press crew for making the time.

Bmore folks - Craze will be at Sonar with Treasure Fingers and Klever for a little Fabric release party on 2/29. And it's a Friday, so.

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