April 30, 2008

Please Stand By

Our buttery hosting server is down but we're working on it and all mp3s should be back up tomorrow. Until then, spend your free time over at our favorite sites for shenanigans - The Triumph of Bullshit and Hipster Runoff.

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Dgenerate Nation

North Kak represent! Durham's Dgenerate Nation are offering the tightest roller jam since De La's Saturdays - along with the rest of their album - for free son. This track's been banging in Loretta (Volvo station wagon) nonstop since cracking the Weekend Beats charts a few weeks back. Just not enough roller jamz these days.

Dgenerate Nation - Skate With Me

Looks like this video was not filmed in Durham, just a guess.

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Where Can We Purchase A Kitchen Loop Machine

Ever walk into your kitchen studio sans pants to cook some breakfast with no hog, and the water heater makes a hott sound? But then you just go with it? Tap fork + knife, beat on the breakfast bongo, slurp coffee, pick up the breakfast mike and lay it down for all the julies? Holla at your boy D. Ford.

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April 28, 2008

The Ultimate Cougar Muxtape

A cougar unexpectedly crosses your path at the bar/grocery store. You think quickly on your feet, make a signature move, and she takes the bait. Even if things start to go downhill back at your place (you haven't exactly tidied up and there's only one silver bullet in the fridge) that's nothing a little Keith Sweat + Patrick Swayze + Rick Astley can't fix.

Tracy Jordan got us thinking this week - we need to leave a legacy that will live forever. Something so awesome that even fourth grade bloggers will blog about it. So after countless minutes of hard work, and with the help of some outside consultants, we're proud to unveil:

The Ultimate Cougar Muxtape

Things are pretty much divided into two categories: classic yacht cheese and nostalgic R&B boner jamz. The idea here is you spend at least 85% of your time in the "hook safety zone" with easily recognizable, karoakeable tracks to put her at ease in an unfamiliar habitat. It all builds up to the deal closing cougar d’état - an instrumental string quartet rendering of John Cougar Mellencamp's "Hurts So Good."

It's important that you become familiar with this playlist well in advance, primarily so that you can build a tolerance over time. You must also be prepared to lip sync and return certain chorus lines on queue - it's your mix after all. Lastly, and this is clutch - be sure to memorize the url (www.butterteam.muxtape.com) so this mix can be accessed from any computer if things don't end up back at your place. Godspeed.

We need your help with volume 2 - what should be included?

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April 27, 2008

How Was The Jay Reatard Show?

Curious to see if anyone went to see Jay Reatard last night in DC, and if so, did you jump on the stage. And if so, did you successfully avoid getting your shirt ripped and then punched in the face by Jay Reatard (link via Brahsome).

Jay Reatard - It's So Useless

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Foam City Reduxes - Cut Copy/Avalanches/Go! Team

The folks over at Internet Jogging (the j is soft) had a great idea - remix Sony's excellent new "Foam City" commercial that debuts next week with a song that's much less lame. Here are our entries:

Cut Copy - Visions (from In Ghost Colours, the best album of 2K8)

The Avalanches - Diners Only (from Since I Left You)

The Go! Team - Did U Feel It Too? (from Are You Ready For More?)

If you have a better song in mind, download the original movie file and send us (or IJ) your link.

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April 26, 2008

Batrider + Luke Buda

Just got a compact disc sampler from the team at New Zealand's Arch Hill Recordings. Compact discs are good because you can leave them in the car player and actually listen to the same music for several days at a time until you can appreciate and familiarize yourself with songs at a deeper level. But two excellent songs from Batrider (above) and Luke Buda didn't even require a single full listen before earning a spot on the BT roster - because that's what we do, we filter things so that every song is automatically [HIGHLY REC'D].

Describing artists/sounds in non-cliche terms is not my forte, so even though you've never heard of these cats how 'bout being wild and risky for a second and listening to them anyway?

Batrider - Pink Guitars Yellow Stars

Luke Buda - The Werewolf

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Do You Like Your French Music To Sound French?

De NPR cette semaine - semble beaucoup de musique complétant les diagrammes français est de nos jours en anglais, quelque chose qui était précédemment un jolis grands aucun-aucun. Et quand Sebastian Tellier "Divine" a été annoncé comme entrée de la France dans le concours de cette année d'Eurovision le gouvernement français obtenu ont pissé et l'aspect de Tellier d'appel "inconstitutionnel." Que aimez-vous mieux ?

en français:

Yelle - Mal Poli (from Pop Up)

Prototypes - Exister (from Je Ne Te Connais Pas EP)

Monade - Regarde (from Monstre Cosmic)

en anglais:

Justice - DVNO (from Cross)

Sebastien Tellier - Divine (from Sexuality)

Daft Punk - Digital Love (from Discovery)

(From NPR this week - seems a lot of music topping the French charts these days is in English, something that was previously a pretty big no-no. And when Sebastian Tellier's "Divine" was announced as France's entry in this year's Eurovision contest the French government got pissed and call Tellier's appearance "unconstitutional." What do you like better?)

Buy it at Insound!

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April 25, 2008

Brightest Young Things 2.0 Jammy Next Saturday

Brightest Young Things - a premium online DC magazine dedicated to music, design, film, going out and making out will be launching their new, sharper, cooler, all around better design on May 3rd. What's in it for you? A jammy, the proportions of which are wig scrambling. We've never seen Dance Party before so that's almost enough reason right there.

Geoligist from Animal Collective (DJ Set) + outputmessage
Video Hippos
Food for Animals
The Dance Party

additional deets:
May 3rd
big empty building on 1200 1st street NE (1st and M NE)
suggested donation = one hamilton
some street parking + NY Ave metro just a block away.


PS we're working on our own site redesign, it's in beta testing right now and we hope nothing goes horribly, horribly wrong. Surf around a bit here but please don't mess anything up.

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April 24, 2008

Free TPC Show This Sunday @ Talking Head

Tokyo Police Club - Juno (from Elephant Shell)

Buy it at Insound!

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April 22, 2008

Richmond/Roanoke: Rolling Stone's 2K9 Best Music Scene?

Have a look at this beautiful Sad Cobras t-shirt. It was last scene being awesome in someone's dresser/drawer which is where it is right now being awesome as usual. It's about the most beautiful tee in the whole world and uses expensive laundry detergent and dryer sheets all the time. Whoever owns this shirt is more relevant than you are, for sure. Whoever owns this shirt just sold their turntables and bought guitars to make something real.

First Hot Lava soaked us in grape baking soda and GI Joe anime, now VA's Sad Cobras are killing it as highly-trained dancepunk pipettes on crank and we are so excited, we are so scared. Fortunately medical care is a popular topic throughout.

The Sad Cobras - Bernice

The Sad Cobras - Body Cast

Homeys are in a Roanoke roll deep crew called the Magic Twig Community that we'll be infiltrating soon - but what you need to know immediately is that MTC cohorts Boys Lie are also crescenfresh and will be performing with Hot Lava on Sunday 5/11 in Bmore. Why is this on a Sunday?

Boys Lie - In Your Eyes

Hot Lava - JPG in the Sun

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Greatest City in America Also Has Best Music Scene

Rolling Stone (fee-based print version of E!) has proclaimed Baltimore "Best Scene" of 2K8!

In addition to having lots of alternative bros, zero hot chicks, and TV's most popular fictional violent crime drama based on a real city's ridiculously high violent crime, insiders say Bmore got the nod for being home to Dan Deacon, Beach House, Spank Rock, Wham City/Dan Deacon, Rad II, Tori Amos, Animal Collective, Double Dagger, Dan Deacon's side project Butt Stomach AND several rock clubs/diners/music stores. So technically you can go buy an album, then go see a band, then eat way past regular dinner time somewhere at a "post-show hangout" all in the same night, or at least that's how the Rolling Stone crew rolls when they roll through here.

I really liked the article describing how cool Baltimore was, just wish it could have been shorter. 157 words? Blah blah blah, just get to the point. We could have summed it up in seven: lots of alternative bros, bicycles, falafel something.

Should someone start a DIY zine about Baltimore's fierce music scene? Or do we need a local hipster Zagat celebrity blogger to cover all of the underground shows, and should that blogger be us, sponsored by American Apparel? Until that happens for serious will you send us a few homemade American Apparel banners so we can get started?* Maybe just show some unidentified skin folds and a tube sock, you can go for skyscraper 105x350 or premium header 1024x120.

*We really will run your damn homemade banners, get started

Among Wolves - Baltimore (from Among Wolves)

Buttermore mixtape 1
Buttermore mixtape 2

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April 20, 2008

What Activities Should You Participate In This Week?

You might have noticed Butter Team doesn't preview a ton of local events - this is mainly due to laziness, lack of interest in being another calendar, and because we only preview shows we're actually planning on attending. Two this week you should know about -

Ottobar hosts a night of 2K7 indie blog classics on Tuesday with Ra Ra Riot, The Little Ones, Engine and Kadman - definitely a strong enough lineup to motivate. If you need another reason, first person to email us gets a free spot on the guest list.

Ra Ra Riot - Dying is Fine (Daytrotter session)
The Little Ones - Lovers Who Uncover

Height clued us in to a dope gathering this Saturday at Talking Head, he's bringing fresh beats back from his Snow Ghost Sessions and some new talent from the West Coast. Velelle Velella are nasty, mostly instrumental party funk - sounds cheesy but when's the last time you heard anyone doing it right? This one should be over the top.

Velella Velella - Cause Those People Get Free Airline Tickets
Velella Velella - Alex Boom Selector
Height - Bad Weather

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Basic GBV Starter Kit + Rarities

Guided By Voices recorded more than 2000 songs, 1305 of which were released over 32 albums and EPs, so if you're just getting up to speed start with 1994's almost-perfect Bee Thousand.

Guided By Voices - Gold Star for Robot Boy
Guided By Voices - The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory

According to Marc Woodworth's 33 1/3 series review, at least sixty-five songs were recorded and considered for the album and five distinct concepts were rejected before the band hit upon the record's final form. One late version, very nearly released, contained only a few of Bee Thousand's definitive songs.

Buy it at Insound!

The rest ended up in boxes of cassettes in Robert Pollard's basement, which you can now peruse in the GBV Database along with dozens of other rarities and live recordings/ramblings.

Guided By Voices - My Impression Now (KRCW 1997)
Guided By Voices - I Am Produced (WXPN 1997)

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April 18, 2008


1. After completing our annual survey of third graders from Butterfield Preparatory School in Lombard, IL, 2K8's most awesome combo animal would be an "eagle tigerwolf" which narrowly beat three-year incumbent "shark riding on an elephant."

2. The students also used beakers and schematics to determine the most awesome pop songs are exactly two minutes and forty-two seconds. Nice try, young asshats, but the perfect song is exactly 2:30 - crisp and clean, 4 to a Hamilton, 12 for every episode of Just the Ten of Us. See:

Shuggie Otis - Ice Cold Daydream (from Inspiration Information)
Beach Boys - That's Not Me (from Pet Sounds)
Madvillain - Raid feat. Medaphoar (from Madvillainy)
Zombies - Nothing's Changed (from Decca Stereo Anthology)
Beach Boys - That's Not Me (from Pet Sounds)
Bonde do Role - Office Boy (from With Lasers)

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April 16, 2008

New Lazer Cats Takeaway Show + Miss Kittin

Forget Justice, DJ Mom Jeans and Wilford Brimley - Baltimore's Lazer Cats are literally dominating the electro universe.

Check this bootleg takeaway show from the 2008 Winter Music Conference when half of the crew (DJ/percussionist Sir Meowington) opens for Felix da Housecat. Homey destroys it - towards the end he's even using his face!

Lazer Cats - Takeaway Show

DJs feel free to grab the audio b/c we can't wait to hear this joint scratched up on the dance floor. If anyone has the complete setlist for this performance please share in the comments.

And Miss Kittin also recently dropped Batbox, a quality collection of skanked-up dub house that's on par with the best of LC's catalogue. She's been our favorite vampire-toothed tweaker vixen for years. We also have a healthy appreciation for Count Duckula, so.

Miss Kittin - Kittin is High

Buy it at Insound!

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April 15, 2008

Rem-Remember When We Interviewed Tokyo Police Club?

Last fall we kept trying to ask TPC drummer Greg about who he found sexier from The Office - Pam or Bob Vance - and rudely, he kept trying to change the subject to their upcoming debut album.

Canadians. Little did we know he was being serious and that the boys would finally get around to releasing a proper full-length, which drops via Saddle Crizzle next week.

Tokyo Police Club - Juno (from Elephant Shell)

The production definitely sounds a bit more polished and Dave might hit reverse puberty on a few tracks - but as we learned whilst attending Degrassi High, growing up in front of the world is tough.

Remember when Rolling Stone did album reviews in the 70s, how do you think they would have scored this one? And can TPC bring peace between the US and Canada?

Buy it at Insound!

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Via Married to the Sea

The Clash - Lost in the Supermarket

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April 14, 2008

Cutters Contest Yo!

Can you believe Cut Copy managed to drop another rekkid as premium as Bright Like Neon Love, and that soon you'll be testing out your practiced bedroom tektonic spasms at an actual stateside performance?

No one is more pleased with this turn of events than Butter Team staffers - and to celebrate we're giving away a special/happy Modular prize pack including an autographed copy of In Ghost Colours, fierce limited edition cutters 3-D glasses and more!

All you have to do is leave a comment w/ encrypted email telling us what you think of IGC and/or sign up for weekly Butter Team updates on the right (if you do both, you'll be entered twice and that's OK). We'll pick winners at random on 4/22.

Contest is only open to U.S. residents with mustaches, but everyone can enjoy these:

Out There On The Ice (from In Ghost Colours - BUY SEVERAL COPIES NOW)

That Was Just A Dream (from Bright Like Neon Love)

Glittering Clouds (from Glittering Clouds EP)

Buy it at Insound!

Domestic dates w/ Black Kids:
04-27 San Francisco, CA - Mezzanine
04-28 Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
04-29 Vancouver, British Columbia - Richard's on Richards
04-30 Seattle, WA - Neumos
05-02 Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge
05-03 Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge
05-05 Omaha, NE - Waiting Room
05-06 Minneapolis, MN - 7th St Entry
05-07 Chicago, IL - The Abbey
05-08 Detroit, MI - Magic Stick
05-09 Toronto, Ontario - Lee's Palace
05-10 Montreal, Quebec - Cabaret Musée Juste Pour Rine
05-12 Boston, MA - Paradise
05-15 Washington, DC - Black Cat
05-16 Philadelphia, PA - Pure
05-17 Baltimore, MD - Sonar (don't buy tickets from Ticketmaster, go to the box office)

Thanks again to Modular for hooking us (you) up. Lastly, don't forget this rad video we made for "Far Away" -

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April 12, 2008

Wimp Wamp

Not sure how to describe this video without offending the mental health community, but observe how industrious this hive of Melbourne hipsters is compared to their Williamsburg counterparts. By hanging outdoors and holding things like basketballs and tennis rackets, their 80s neon performance wear can be enjoyed without irony.

Gameboy/Gamegirl - Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp

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April 11, 2008

Butter Team Weekend Beats Vol. 23

Got at least 8 Courics worth of beats here - so put some Dulcolax on toast, take a sip of potion and hit that three wheel motion on yer Rascal mobility scooter.

Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)

Dgenerate Nation - Skate With Me

Hieroglyphics - You Never Knew (Domino Remix)

Spank Rock - Rick Rubin (President Eutl remix)

Cut Copy - Kidz at the Disco

Next week we start a contest for superfierce limited edition Cut Copy goodies (including a Corey Delaney-autographed copy of In Ghost Colours and cutters 3-D glasses), but you can enter now just by signing up for weekly updates on the right.

Previously on Weekend Beats

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April 10, 2008

5 Days Left

Time is running out to enter the Kooks contest - on Tuesday we're giving away mad schwag so get on it sons.

(UPDATE - Contest is closed. Winners are Sarah Corner and Nick Eber.)

The Kooks - Always Where I Need To Be (live)

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April 9, 2008

Alan Wilkis Shoots, Scores

What if one man managed to capture and condense all of your childhood console memories into a single blippy, pixelated jackpot? If he mashed up Megaman 2 with the waterfront training montage from Punch Out to form an 8-bit 8-track for the wet hott American summer of yesteryear? And then stole your Julie?

Alan Wilkis - I'm Famous

We asked Brooklyn-based game genie Alan Wilkis about the secret codes behind his rainbow crunk:

"Hearing anything that resembles those old 8-bit sounds just instantly turns me into a kid again! There's something so extremely pure and perfect about them, and something so inherently pleasing in there. The other incredible thing about the Nintendo songs, and something I tried to sort of nod to in a lot of my songs, is that despite how simple or unprocessed the sounds may be by modern standards, the songs often have these insanely complex musical arrangements."

Alan Wilkis - Milk and Cookies

CD Giveaway - Win a copy of A dub's dynamite debut Babies Dream Big by telling us about your favorite Nintendo game, cheat code, theme song, or random Ninty fanatic story. I'll start - one time I snuck out of school in 4th grade to play RC Pro Am. Another time I beat Castlevania after playing for 10 hours straight and got wicked pins and needles when I tried to run outside to tell everyone. Anyway, Alan's keeping an eye out and will mail an autographed heat missile to his favorite Butter Team commenter. There is no time limit. Begin!

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April 8, 2008

Nude Rmx Wars Get Increasingly Cray Cray

We laid up in the cut last fortnight when Radiohead announced a scratch up rodeo for "Nude" b/c the news was already on Alan Thicke's Tumblr before we could twitter "Boner 4 Prez." But we've been listening from an anonymous swivel villain chair w/ white cat and power glove, and here's our favorite so far by far:

Nude - Hipster Runoff Mix

Jack Handy + The Losing My Edge of 2K8? You may also enjoy/hate:

Amplive - Nudez feat. Too Short

Or raw nude:

Radiohead - Big Ideas (Nude - acoustic live 12/4/03)

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April 7, 2008

Virginia is for Lavas

Effusive eruptions of hydrothermal activity. Mac-happy graphic designers cooing each other through megaphones on tigerbeats. Actually dope hooks and melodies. It's molten indie rock courtesy of Richmond's Hot Lava.

HL boss Allison tells us the band started as kind of a joke in 2005 seeing as how most of the lavas couldn't play any instruments - but you'd never know from the outstanding beats below. We're laving it!

Hot Lava - JPG in the Sun

Hot Lava - Resolutions 08

Recommend you say "that's hot lava" or "that's laser cats" to discuss all things trendy, pick up Lavalogy post haste and then catch them in Bmore on 5/11 at Scarey Studios. Lava cake pic courtesy of the Jorgensen Family. Rock on Jorgensen Family!!

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April 3, 2008

Ooh La! Kooks Konk Contest n' Hearing Party

(UPDATE - Contest is closed. Winners are Sarah Corner and Nick Eber.)

The Kooks are off to see the world again supporting Konk, and although they'll be seaside soon there's no Bmore date planned (if only). But we've got a special prize pack courtesy of EMI/Astralwerks and top local rekkid joint Sound Garden to smooth things over, so.

The grand prize schwag basket shall include an exclusive kollection of premium-branded Kooks items which may or may not include some vinyl, buttons, rainbows, t-shirts, autographed posters, kittens, etc. Anyone in the US can enter for this part; then we'll do another drawing for one lucky local B-boy or B-girl to win a $25 gift certificate to Sound Garden.

To enter, email us with your city/state OR just sign up for Butter Team weekly updates (on the right) and you'll automatically be entered in every contest ever from now on (hint: possible Cut Copy contest later this month).

After you're in, maybe you send your friends an email about the contest, not because you're a nice person, but because if they win something they will take you out for a nice seafood dinner.

Then stream a few chunks of quality pre-Konk below and tell us what you think (right-click open in new window). Winners will be announced when the album drops on 4/15.

1. See The Sun
2. Always Where I Need To Be
3. Mr. Maker
4. Do You Wanna
5. Gap
6. Love It All
7. Stormy Weather
8. Sway
9. Shine On
10. Down To The Market
11. One Last Time
12. Tick Of Time

The Kooks - Sofa Song (acoustic)
The Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Way (acoustic)

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April 2, 2008

Virgin Festival Announces Wig Scramblingly Weak Lineup

Ever think it would be possible to artificially cultivate the glob of summer stain that is the Pimlico Race Course, but don't have the money to test your theory? No worries.

In his boldest move yet, daredevil Richard Branson will attempt to culture a petri dish of egg salad spanning more than 100 acres wide with a steady two-day shite n' korn diet consisting of Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, Jack Johnson and Nine Inch Nails (hesitate to even type all of those words in one sentence lest Google's spiders think we're tools). No word yet on how tickets work, for example do you pay them to go, do they pay you, etc., or when Puddle of Mudd will sign on for the d-bag coup d'état.

Yo La Tengo - The Weakest Part (live)
The Streets - Weak Become Heroes
Wu-Tang Clan - Weak Spot

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100,000 Fireflies/Josephine

Merge Records co-founder Mac McCaughan was (is) an indie rock God 'round the Carolinas. I grew up near Chapel Hill celebrating his entire catalogue, from the tightly wound pogo sounds of Superchunk (expect a proper profile later) to the chilled, untuned Portastatic.

And although The Magnetic Fields were also signed to Merge, I had never heard much of them and thus had no idea that "100,000 Fireflies" or "Josephine" were both MF originals (and Mac covers). Knowing this might actually make Superchunk's version even better when you hear what they originally had to work with, switching out smug melody for earnest yelps during the classic opener, "I have a mandolin. I play it all night long. It makes me want to kill myself." Great way to kick things off.

Magnetic Fields - 100,000 Fireflies (from The Wayward Bus/Distant Plastic Trees)
Superchunk - 100,000 Fireflies (from Incidental Music)

On the other hand "Josephine" is just a great song, almost impossible to destroy.

Magnetic Fields - Josephine (from The Wayward Bus/Distant Plastic Trees)
Portastatic - Josephine (from Naked Pilsners)

Buy it at Insound!

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