August 30, 2008

Butter Team Weekend Beats Vol. 26

Hey ballers. Welcome back to the WB series - today's theme is "wild style pirate radio beats for you and your crew." It's time to grab some cardboard and share your skills with the world!

If you don't have your own crew yet, or you'd rather start a new crew that dresses better, start by checking around with the neighbors. Everyone can bring their own technique to the group showdown, so don't overlook the Grandmas or older folk (but you will need to confirm that they don't already rep another crew). They may be more likely to join if you have a fresh handle, so use this crew name generator to get started.

Next up - clothing. All you need to get nice is $20, a JC Penney, and a pair of scissors. This is a great opportunity to explore your personal style! Try to avoid strict "crew color themes" because it's important that everyone have an opportunity to express themselves differently (you might look good in perriwinkle, but other people might look kind of douchey.)

A few more questions to consider: What kind of weapons do you have around the house that might fit in your sweatpants? Do you have a backup meeting area in case the spot gets hot? Maybe figure that out in advance - the best retreat spots serve iced nonalcoholic beverages (maybe Tasti D-Lite? But what's really embarrassing is if the other crew chose that spot too, because one of their crew members goes by that name.)

Freesytle - Don't Stop The Rock

Treasure Fingers - Cross the Dancefloor (via Winnie Cooper)

Magic Disco Machine - Scratchin'

Rufus Thomas - Breakdown Pt. 1

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August 28, 2008

Epic Post Fail: The Mystic Brew Review

Some posts can be like the 'Hoff doing a Baconator after hours - slow, difficult, and you sort of lose your appetite halfway through. I was working on this one back in June to showcase Diplo as the classy international tastemaker that he is (obvs), including the sample lineage of a few joints such as Ronnie Foster's "Mystic Brew" (Ronnie>Tribe>Madlib>Diplo) and Marlena Shaw's "California Soul" as it weaves through DJ Premier in the 90s and back to Dip in 2K times.

But that was more than two months ago, so, FAIL. Enjoy these at least.

Ronnie Foster - Mystic Brew

A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation

Madlib - Mystic Bounce

Diplo - Brew Barrymore

Enjoy more fails and owned/pwned moments at the Fail Blog.

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August 27, 2008

Beach House.TV

Great to see that not only is the Beach Heezy squad taking their music on the road this year, but people are filming and sharing it in crescenfresh ways. Here's "Holy Dances" via Pitchfork TV (holler at your boy Dan on the drums!)

"Heart of Chambers" performed at a faster clip in the back of a Black Cab - a great version with excellent video quality if you have the patience to let it load (I personally don't, but).

And you may remember four blog years ago when Alex and Vic wrote a special tune called "Norway" whilst on a train to Norway, which they then performed in the Norwegian train station for Norwegian TV:

Did you excel at your MICA Vincent Moon appreciation course? Are you buying an HD camcorder to be the Blogotheque of Bmore? Can you discern the difference between authentic raw video and crappy amateur video? (hint: HD). If so let us know, we'll arrange to get you filming privileges with the late night kitchen mic at Never on Sunday. I see Rye Rye spitting (not literally) over falafel and curly fries.

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August 24, 2008

Primate Update

Exactly what have Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett been up to with this Journey to the West thing? Is Monkey the new Gorillaz, or just an animation, album and Chinese pop opera?

Produced by Damon Albarn, the album Journey to the West is performed by both European and Chinese musicians and singers (not Albarn); the art and music is based on the opera of the same name which Albarn and Hewlett created with director Chen Shi-Zheng; the lyrics are sung in Cantonese, the la-la-las are universal; and analogue synth arpeggios, echoing harp, primitive drum machines and traditionally-inspired animation support from Hewlett build an Olympic-sized soundscape we can all dive into. What better way to start your 早?

Monkey - Heavenly Peach Banquet (from Journey to the West)

Like Gorillaz, Journey to the West is more than just a notable experiment from a could-be-retired 90s British pop star. While the should-be-retired Oasis are basically doing the exact same thing 14 years later with diminishing returns, clinging to heavyweight marketing campaigns from equally desperate major labels (if no one cares, can you still pretend you don't?), Albarn has once again earned the spotlight by stepping out of it.

I try to limit hyperbole wherever possible, but Paul Morley's recent Guardian UK interview with Albarn and Hewlett, conducted from the rooftop of London's Royal Opera House, is one of the best feature pieces on any artist I've ever read. Morley tackles the task of pulling apart Albarn's myriad projects ("the synergetic Africa Express; his Honest Jon's record label and the Honest Jon's Revue representing his wide-ranging and wonderfully eccentric musical enthusiasms; the ambient dub punk group with no name known by the title of their album, The Good, The Bad and the Queen; the glamorously moody virtual pop group Gorillaz who may or may not have now magically evolved into the virtual group Monkey, who have made an album that may or may not be directly connected to the psychology and sonic flamboyance of the Journey to the West opera; the trailers and title sequence Albarn and Hewlett have produced for the BBC coverage of the Beijing Olympics; the Monkey record which does not feature Damon singing and is a sort of ecstatic, melancholy electro-ghost of the opera...") with such affection and charm that you wish the 6,500+ word article were much longer; or even better, you happened to be serving bread-and-butter pudding and listening in on the rooftop that sunny afternoon.

Journey to the West is available digitally now at the Monkey Shop (or you can get it a few bucks cheaper at iTunes). If you've already picked it up, let us know your thoughts.

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August 21, 2008

100dBs: Brenner's Breaks Vol. 2

It ain't hard to tell 100dBs was born for NYC - and Brenner's Breaks Vol. 2 is the College Park-via-Israel transplant's second study in dissecting and combining carbon layers of the city's 30-year hip hop history with a turntable lab coat. Mixing East Coast heavyweights like De La, Ghostface, Prince Po and Nas with fresh looseleaf from next gens Ryan O'Neil, Hicoup and Sirah, he's an underground hero the real heads can believe in, documenting the NY state of rhyme in real time.

100dBs - NYC Burn Rmx feat. Ryan O'Neil

Don't confuse this for a local's mixtape with the producer bigging himself up between each track. dBs has been building a name for himself with a wider web of influences and appeal, tapping into your childhood motherboard with spins from Nico, Sonic the Hedgehog, Aphex Twin, Lee Perry, Radiohead, The Kinks, Tony the Tiger, Serge Gainsbourg, The Zombies, etc. And it works, so pick up BBv2 via digi download now.

previous dBs
photo courtesy of Amy Stein

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August 20, 2008

Big Quarters & Mux Mool

Back in May we said Mux Mool's Night Court could be a hangover b-side from Daft Punk's Discovery (still stand by that); now he's wonder twin city powering with Big Quarters for a dope free EP worth your precious mouse clicks.

Break out the janitor dust b/c the production is sick. Take the opener to "Ladies Know," which heats up with every rewind...Muxy tosses out a bumped-up disco sample, drops it into the 73-ton Prefuse compactor, and robotically lasers each part back together until a harder, better, faster, stronger beat rolls off the line.

Big Quarters & Mux Mool - Ladies Know

DL the whole EP and share your thoughts here.

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August 19, 2008

The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Spank Rock Remix)

The original was considered too taboo for commercial radio or MTV to play in 1984, is unofficially responsible for getting Madonna into S&M, and serves as a spirited dedication to the professionals who earn a good living by chaining up, whipping, and torturing upscale Manhattan businessmen. All with an innocently pleasant Cyndi Lauper/Goonies/Who's That Girl? vibe.

Dominatrix - The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Original 12" version)

I'm sure the torture business is down these days what with "The Hills," but still. Devlin & Darko sped up the tempo, let Amanda Blank establish dominance & spit on it for FabricLive 33 (definitely buy this album). Fabric doesn't allow mp3 posts so Devlin sent over the original cut below, which turned out to be quite an upbeat jam for your next consensual beatdown.

Amanda Blank - That Girl (Dominatrix blend)

Now the Dom is awake and receiving the MoMA treatment this Thusday as part of their Art/Music in Pop Culture film series. So I get to put on my woefully underused tweed jacket with elbow pads and drop a hamilton to watch this on the big screen along with an Andy Warhol-directed Cars video, a Sonic Youth video about anorexia, misc. Toni Basil, and a 1978 performance by The Cramps for the patients at California's Napa Mental Institute.

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August 18, 2008

Are You Done Mixing Yet?

We've been summering on Air France's No Way Down EP for almost two blog years, and while there's no sign of things slowing down, mixing it up a bit is always a good way to keep the flame going strong.

Air France - Collapsing at Your Doorstep (Friend Secret demo rmx)

Bmore b-boys and b-girls be sure to befriend Friend on MySpace to hear his solid "Stomp it to the Ground" disco retwerk. Photo by the unfortunately named swamp donkey.

Update: Air France just released a dirty 47-minute rooftop mix you can grab over at GvB.

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August 15, 2008

Chicks, Man.

NYC "peeps" be sure to get fully fitted at Highline Ballroom tonight with strobelight homeys Devlin & Darko. It's free and will be packed with tenderonis.

The Mint Chicks - Walking Off A Cliff Again (new!)

April March - Chick Habit (classy! sassy!)

Uffie - Hot Chick (from 2K6 - so retro!)

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August 14, 2008

Buttery Jam

The sophisticated chillax type with which you have outdoor Stellas and a midsummer day's dream. Baklavas of Brian Wilson, Yeasayer and Fleet Foxes bubbling into No Age washouts and such.

This is a game called "just the tip" where you can hear the first couple of songs below and then download the full proper mix at Mad Decent.

Roundtable Knights Summer Mix (first 10 minutes)

Brian Wilson - Our Prayer
Fleet Foxes - Heard Them String
Yann Tiersen - 1976
Atlas Sound - Bite Marks
No Age - Eraser

Radio Dept. Radio - It’s Been Eight Years
Para One - Sunless
Yeasayer - Wait For The Summer
Polyphonic Spree - It’s The Sun
John Lennon - Oh Yoko
The Ruby Suns - Tane Mahuta
The Broken Hearts - Black Cat
Jean-Michel Bernard - Gènèrique Stèphane
Spiritualized - Harmony 3
Paul Guiot & Paul Piot - Amour, Vacances Et Baroque
Jade - Well
Iron & Wine - Carousel
Sufjan Stevens - Decatur, Or, Round Of Applause Your Stepmother!
Avett Brothers - Colorshow

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August 13, 2008

I Once Got Bubbly in a Burger King Back Room

Homey decided to wash his tendercrisps in the sink at the BK Lounge, film it, and post on MySpace. Burger King stock is also taking a bath today.

De La Soul - Bitties in the BK Lounge (from De La Soul is Dead)

Jarmels - A Little Bit of Soap (sampled in Three Feet High and Rising)

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August 12, 2008

That Was The Worst _____ Ever!

In only a few short months the familiar sounds of Christmas music will trigger your Pavlovian urge to spend, spend, spend in hopes of attaining those perfect but elusive holiday moments. It may also trigger the annual series of self-evaluation and actualization questions (am I happy at clown college?), or just your deeply cynical resistance to the commercialization of all things Christmas.

Either way, you'll need good music to get by. Last year Sufjan Stevens did us all a solid by releasing Songs For Christmas, a collection of original and classic singalong EPs he recorded every December with friends, roommates, and musical peers. Armed with a Reader's Digest Christmas Songbook (and a mug of hot cider) Sufjan & friends concocted new musical fruit cakes each year, implementing every musical instrument they found lying around the house: banjo, oboe, Casiotone, wood flute, a buzzy guitar, hand claps, sleigh bells, Hammond organ, some tree tinsel and more sleigh bells.

It's essential for holiday survival; but many of Sufjan's original compositions can also provide year-round aural catharsis for whatever ails you (think b-sides to "Casimir Pulaski Day"). One of your goats is missing? Bad day on the Edwards campaign? Just kick off your shoes, put on the earplugs and substitute "Christmas" for your own non demoninational sad lib.

Sufjan Stevens - That was the Worst Christmas Ever! (from Ding! Dong!: Songs for Christmas, Vol. III, recorded December 2003)

This is easily one of my top three Suf jams from the entire catalogue. While the first verse begins with classic pre-TV Xmas activities (shoveling snow, sledding, etc.), the existential questions that follow should be asked more than once a year: "Can you say what you want? Can you say what you want to be?"

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August 11, 2008

Brighton Port Authority Drops Beats, Pants

Witness Norman Cook's newest creation, the BPA. He who made Christopher Walken waltz sans-gravity brings you David Byrne + Dizzee Rascal + 80s beach comedy mamba. And no one projects the tone of a carefree, lottery-minted, weekend at Benny Hill's scoundrel like the original DB, so you know when he says "Every day is fucking perfect" we're mixing serious business + leather. Even Dizzee's in the mood for shenanigans. Video is excellent.

The BPA - Toe Jam (feat. David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal)

Fatboy Slim- Punk to Funk (from Better Living Through Chemistry)

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Radiohead @ All Points Wait

Seeing Radiohead for the first time was pretty dope, too bad it also included standing around/waiting in lines for hours and hours and hours to get on the ferry, get through security, hit the loo, get an ID check, buy a beer in the "alcohol quarantine section" (wtf??), buy food, etc. Enjoy pics, setlist, and classic hipster anon comment battles over at BV.

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August 8, 2008

No Allies + Paper Kingdom

Two new seven-inch Double Daggers for you this month - Sophisticated Urban Living and Bored Meeting - the first hundred of which are pressed on colored vinyl and available via Terra Firma Limited, Toxic Pop Records or their Ottobar show next Thursday 8/14.

A wiry bomb siren for sociopolitical independence in the post-pop fallout era, "No Allies" finds Bruce, Nolen and Denny with their game locked tight. Suggested pairings: AOL's "Audiowhore" and select artisanal cheeses.

Double Dagger - No Allies (from Sophisticated Urban Living)

Double D's graphic design team Post Typography are also featured in Paper Kingdom, a new collection of Bmore DIY music posters showcasing a birdshot range of styles and music genres, from Wham City/Wildfire Wildfire to the hardcore pre-internet 1990s. Other interviews include Dan Deacon, Vic from Beach House, Shaun Flynn of Wzt Hearts and several top local poster artists.

Beach Heezy, Viking Moses, and Cass McCombs kick off the book release party at the Creative Alliance this Sunday August 10th (no poster for this one yet).

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August 7, 2008

2 Dogs 1 Cup (SFW)

Probably the most annoying thing that can happen at a party is some shaggy alts give you the ol' "between-the-legs-wassup" as a distraction while they bogart your stash. Is there any way to avoid this?

Why do horses and butterflies look exactly alike? I mean look at that horse.

Ever have a Unicorn Dream Attack? They can be pretty intense, but you just have to ride it out.

Unicorn Dream Attack - Monkey Gone to Heaven (Pixies cover)

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August 6, 2008

Rick Rubin (Leg-No Rmx)

Is it off key or just too hip?
Is it not enough, is it just too much?
Does it get you moving or is it too confusing?
Is it better than The Commish theme?

Spank Rock - Rick Rubin (Leg-No Rmx)

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August 5, 2008

Battle Hymns For Children

Today Nebraskan gothcrunk punks The Faint bestow fasciinatiion upon the noncomformist whatevs masses, with which they may shuffle feet noncommittally, puff that ultra-light, and search for a meaningful alt existence. Yay for gloomy bangers.

The Faint - The Geeks Were Right (Does it Offend You, Yeah? Rmx)

Buy it at blank.wav or iTunes, stream it here, get more deets at Filter, and don't sleep on them live.

This is what my new NYC commute might look like if I had one:

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August 4, 2008

Vermillion Sands

A guy steps on the bus in Naples smoking his cigarette.
The driver tells him: "Hey!! No smoking allowed on the bus!!"
The guy answers him back: "But I just had my coffee!!"
Driver: "Ho!! I'm sorry...go ahead!"

Start your morning off with a black/smoke, talk radio and lo-fi Italo-folkbeat.

Vermillion Sands - Mary (demo)

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