September 30, 2008

Mux Mool + Friends

Mux Mool, one of the country's finest proprietors of top-gear glitch bump, will be patronizing Bmore and NYC over the next few weeks and we'd like to issue a [HIGHLY RECC'D] for any shows you can get to.

Bmore kids be sure to catch Muxy, D. Gookin and Worst Friends with the MOL (More or Less) DJs at The Wind Up Space on October 9th. The same troupe (sans MOL) hits Public Assembly in Brooklyn on 10/23.

Mux Mool - Night Court (from the free Ghostly Swim comp)

Big Quarters & Mux Mool - Ladies Know (from the free Big Quarters EP)

Mux Mool - 10 (from the Synchronicity Suite comp)

Thom Yorke - The Eraser (Worst Friends Bowflex Mix)

No word on a Mux Mool LP yet. But soon.

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September 29, 2008

Smack My Pitch Up

Nintendo DS Ubisoft Jam Sessions, MIDI-controlled software, Ableton-looped electric bass, drums, synth, vocoded vocals and a nasty theremin solo, all recorded in a single pass with one camera and a homemade papier-mâché helmet.

Admire Randy's aerial fingering at 2:30 (that's a real term; classically-trained thereminists have game for days).

Daft Punk - Something About Us (Brass Mix)

Previous BT investigatory journalism of Daft Punk

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September 26, 2008

Ratatat @ Sonar 10/5

Our TaxLo homeys are offering one Bmore BT reader a guest list spot + 1 to Ratatat at Sonar next Sunday, 10/5. Just email us to enter.

Ratatat - Falcon Jab (Copy remix)

Ratatat - Live on KEXP (2007)

Don't sleep on this.

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September 25, 2008

It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career (+BBC extras)

It'd be a whole lot cooler if B&S would just start making another album instead of releasing a 1996-2001 BBC comp, but as they have nothing else planned at the moment we'll take what we can get and like it. This is available via Matador 11/17.

Track listing:
Disc 1 – Radio Sessions: The State I Am In, Like Dylan In The Movies, Judy and the Dream of Horses, The Stars of Track and Field, I Could Be Dreaming, Seymour Stein, Lazy Jane, Sleep The Clock Around, Slow Graffiti, Wrong Love, Shoot The Sexual Athlete, The Magic of a Kind Word, (My Girls Got) Miraculous Technique

Disc 2 – Live in Belfast: Here Comes The Sun, Theres Too Much Love, The Magic of a Kind Word, Me and the Major, Wandering Alone, The Model, Im Waiting For The Man, The Boy With the Arab Strap, The Wrong Girl, Dirty Dream #2, Boys Are Back in Town, Legal Man

The four songs from 2001 – The Magic of a Kind Word, Nothing In The Silence, Shoot The Sexual Athlete and (My Girl’s Got) Miraculous Technique, have never previously been available on CD or vinyl and capture the band at the end of their first chapter (i.e. Stuart and Isobel had just broken up and were performing songs about their failed relationship next to each other). And of course Isobel peaced out shortly afterwards.

Belle and Sebastian - The Boy With the Arab Strap (4/25/99)

Belle and Sebastian - Live on KEXP (3/25/06)

Random: did you know Belle et Sébastien was a novel by hottie French actress Cécile Aubry starring a six-year-old boy named Sébastien and his dog Belle, a Pyrenean Mountain Dog? And that this was made into a French live-action television series in 1965, and then a Japanese anime version nearly two decades later that you can now watch right now? I usually start every morning off with Air Wolf but this might be even more upbeat.

BBC extras:

The Zombies - This Old Heart of Mine (Isley Brothers cover, 1966)

The Damned - Neat Neat Neat (Peel session, 1976)

Pavement - Killing Moon (Echo & the Bunnymen cover, 1997*)

Radiohead - How To Disappear Completely (BBC Remix, 2002)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Cigarettes (BBC, 2006)

*Included in Pavement's final Major Leagues EP and soon to be part of their Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed. reissue.

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September 24, 2008

Hot Chip 10/7 Bmore Show Cancelled

So now we're giving away tickets to the 9:30 Club show on 10/8 instead. If you've already entered for Bmore tickets we'll give you the opportunity to go to this one or pass; if you live in DC and want to enter you can do so now.

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September 23, 2008

A Night Out With Cut Copy + Awards

(photo credit: Zach Wiegand)

Homeys tore up Webster Hall on Sunday night; and we tore up the upstairs balcony couch cushions with a new bounce/dance combo move called "Where's our teacher? She hasn't shown up yet!" that's most similar to how the kids at Polly Fector Elementary roll before Miss Vaughn arrives.

And jackpot, indeed. Some alt bros had a hard time figuring out how to dance to "Strangers in the Wind," but then the entire crowd miraculously synched up to do the Teen Wolf freeze/lock for about ten seconds during "Time Stands Still." No one knows where moments like these come from, but it was amazing. Now for some Cutters accolades:

Best remix from CSS' new album:

CSS - Move (Cut Copy Remix)

Donkey haters need to fall back.

Best bonus track featured on the UK release of In Ghost Colours:

Cut Copy - Cold Youth

It's the only one, so. They started occasionally dropping "Cold Youth" during extended sets around 2006, which would explain why the sound seems a bit sloppier compared to IGC's top gear production values. Makes a good case for Japanese bonus tracks.

Best post-show calmdown jam:

Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire (Triobelisk/Celestronica Remix)

Serve with ribs and Growing Pains repeats. If you can get your hands on any of the international syndicated versions, try Latin America's Ay! Cómo duele crecer, literally translated to mean "Ouch! How painful is growing up."

Best Cut Copy DJ mix we haven't posted on BT yet:

A Night Out With Cut Copy (96 MB)

A quaint 2K6 Ableton capsule redeemed by early nods to Poni Hoax/Zongamin and several high fidelity classics. Full tracklist here.

Raddest Butter Team produced Cut Copy video:

Sound quality is beat b/c it was grabbed from a MySpace stream, but you should still get misty when Bart Connor slows down to wait for Cru in the final lap.

Butteriest fake Cut Copy commercial:

Sony's new Foam City campaign featuring "Visions." Wow - really didn't think I'd be up here twice, so, I guess, just thanks again.

Also this week:
Hot Chip Tickets/Vinyl Giveaway
The Planisphere/Interstella Mystery

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September 22, 2008

Hot Chip NYC/DC Tickets + CD/Vinyl "Giveaway"

Update: Bmore show cancelled, but you can enter for tickets to the DC show at 9:30 Club on 10/8 instead.

Ladies and gentlemen: I've just been handed an urgent and horrifyingly rad announcement, and I need all of you to stop what you're doing and listen. Hot Chip is offering BT readers two free tickets to their upcoming NYC and Bmore shows (10/4 at Terminal 5 and 10/8 at 9:30 Club, respectively), along with a "crescenfresh" selection of Hot Chip 7” vinyl and CDs containing "rarities" and "b-sides."

To throw your name in the Kangol, just email us and specify which show you want to go to, OR if you don't live in one of those areas just write "vinyl" and list your city/state (US entries only). If you enter for show tickets you will also automatically be entered for the other schwag. This is a great opportunity to see one of your favorite bands in a "dynamic live setting."

Hot Chip - What You Find Strange (from All Killer No Filler)

Unnecessary quotation marks brought to you by the The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks.

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September 17, 2008

Make Out Fallout!

I live down here in NYC's financial district and streets are just real right now. The Dow plunged more than 300 points this morning, the line at the falafel cart is really long, my grandparents' robot insurance premiums just went up and dudes are doing anything they can to take their minds off of the stressful conditions. Check this out:

On second thought, not hungry. Really hope we can get through this.

Love is All - Make Out Fall Out Make Up (The Bees Remix)

Of Montreal - Make Out Fall Out Make Up (Love is All cover)

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September 16, 2008

The Planisphere/Interstella 5555 Mystery

If you're enjoying the gothic medieval chamber pipes on Justice's "Planisphere Pt. 2," don't forget Daft Punk's similar, albeit less sinister ode to Darkwood Manor from Discovery and Interstella 5555.

Justice - Planisphere

Daft Punk - Veridis Quo

But there's "something about" these two jams beyond the fact that either would be dope themes for a Castlevania movie. And since "veritas quo" informally means "to the place of truth," let's find out!

A good starting point - the Interstella castle scene below, where the Crescendolls drive their Mystery Machine through the forest in the hopes of uncovering the secret weapon behind Earl de Darkwood's quest for intergalactic superdominance (Psst: notice the many astrological coordination instruments on his desk.)

Original scene:

In an attempt to use the Universal power of music to rule the universe, Darkwood is revealed as the "A&R guy behind the guy" throughout history's music and pop culture (not unlike Stephen King's Randall Flagg, or an ageless, alien Lou Perlman) with the power to enslave talent from the farthest reaches of any star, any constellation, at any time. And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for those meddling kids.

Now here's the same clip from Interstella, slimmed down to two minutes and aligned to match with part 2 of Justice's Planisphere (which means "celestial plane").

Will the teens escape this maniac mansion? Did Ed Banger recruit Justice against their will from outer space, and if so, is this their secret cry for help?

Previously on BT: The Origins of Interstella 5555
Also: The Count Duckula/Danger Mouse Conspiracy

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September 15, 2008

We Got Some Breaking (Up) To Do

Never before has a breakup song made you want to bump nasties to the cardboard boogaloo like Private's new Danish jammy. There may be a "WTF, this is just bad Prince" feeling for a few seconds, but that will pass around the :35 mark when your lip synching pose includes an eyes-closed, fist-clenched "O" face.

Private - We Got Some Breaking Up To Do (from My Secret Lover)

Right now their debut LP MSL doesn't have US distribution, digital or otherwise, but this song is completely unstoppable. I've emailed it to all nine of the roller skating rink DJs left in the country, so keep an ear out during "couples only" segments.

Bonus roller jamz:

Dgenerate Nation - Skate With Me

De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays (feat. Q-Tip)

PS - if you haven't already, be sure to check out a few of the first audio samples from Radiohead's In Rainbows follow-up. A little softer than I expected, but Radiohead are no strangers to love.

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September 13, 2008

You Know The Rules, And So Do I

You got BarackRoll'd son! But for serious, McCain/Palin is a nightmare ticket. If you're not registered to vote yet or recently moved, go here and fill out a form that takes two seconds. Print, mail, boom.

See below if you need more motivation, and this doesn't even include his freak VP choice who would be running the country soon, because McCain is really, really, really old.

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September 12, 2008

BT Adventures Pt 2: McGyver/Norris Power Medley

Last week our investigatory journalism uncovered a mysterious connection between 80s copter action drama Air Wolf and rising Bmore MIDI star Adventure. Understandably, I think that freaked a lot of you out. Well what's weird is that Addy's "Ultra Zone" also matches perfectly with the motivational McGyver/Norris Power Medley I usually watch during lunch to get a nice midday boost.

WTF is going on here? I'm scared and excited, like when MGM recently announced it was remaking Red Dawn(!)

Have you noticed "Ultra Zone" synching up with any of your daily activities? P.S. Did you see the look on McG's face when he ran into that snake? Snap!

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September 11, 2008

Butter Team Weekend Beats Vol. 27

This weekend is brought to you a day early by the folks at TaxLo, who offer one lucky Bmore reader two free tickets to:

- Feadz (Ed Banger records) this Saturday 9/13 at Sonar
- Tussle on 9/15 at Talking Head
- Midnight Juggernauts on 9/17 at Ottobar
- The Juan MacLean with Thrust Lab on 9/28 at Ottobar

To enter just email us with a convincing argument explaining why you should get all of this for free. Winner will be notified tomorrow around 5pm just in time to start popping off Stellas (locals only).

Update: Winner is Jackson F. Here's an abridged excerpt from his plea: "I'm writing you because I have no idea where else to turn. I have an affliction. You see, I need to dance. Yes, I know there are plenty in Baltimore who want to dance, those who feel compelled to go to every dance party they can. They love dancing. That is all well and good. But me? I need it. Without pounding bass and all manner of bleeps, bloops, and samples...I can't go please consider me as a candidate for this TaxLo Stimulus Package. I feel that I would be a worthy recipient. When I'm walking home early sunday morning and my friend rehashes the same old joke "Well, tonight a DJ saved your life," I hope to be able to stop him and say, "No, tonight it was a blog. Tonight, it was a blog."

Feadz - Cool as Feadz

Tussle - Night of the Hunter

Chromeo - Me & My Man (The Juan MacLean Rmx)

Midnight Juggernauts - Nine Lives

Thrust Lab - Magnum Opus

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September 9, 2008

GZA's Eternal Drizzle

Fifth solo with GZA on the speak and RZA on the beat (mostly) finds more steady flows from the Grandpa shogun that fathered your style. He claims Pro Tools was a spontaneous title, but undoubtedly the Genius is nodding to how little help he needs in the studio - "just a beat with a continuous loop" - to rule the iron mic unquestioned. The insults on 50 Cent diss "Paper Plate" come through that much clearer without the extra noise: "Enough to make you vogue on the cover of GQ, only missing the sheer blouse, homey, you see-through." (A good follow-up line might have been, "Game, Computer Blue.")

GZA - Alphabets (from Pro Tools)

Buy it at Insound!

GZA performs Liquid Swords and flips a few new scripts at Bmore's Rams Head on Wednesday (9/10) and here at Irving Plaza on Friday. If you can't make either of those shows but still want a taste, email us to win a copy of Pro Tools and an autographed special edition poster (US residents only).

Speaking of Wu affiliate classics - RZA's back to work on Cuban Linx II and the new 100dBs joint includes a dope Supreme Clientele retwerk with your favorite Oxfordshire popsters (can you name that sample?)

Ghostface Killah - Mighty Healthy (100dBs Remix feat. DJ Far East)

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September 8, 2008

Of Bobbies and Monsters

You've got two minutes free, yes? Then enjoy this deviously abridged pop tune (is the term electro even necessary any more) from Pipettes founder/guitarist Monster Bobby. MB is not affiliated, as far as we know, with the hit cartoon Bobby's World, although you're welcome to cruise around the crib in your tricycle to this.

With an unpolished touch of Junior Boys' "oonsdt oonsdt," highly relatable topics (drinking with you is fun, however we both seem to have work in the morning, which sucks) and a runtime that respects your busy schedule, there's really nothing to take issue with here.

Monster Bobby - Work in the Morning (from the forthcoming I Am A Pedestrian EP)

P.S don't you love how MySpace allows artists to express their quirky personal brand and sense of humor? For example, Monster Bobby won't be tied down by labels (either kind), which he proves by choosing "Christian Rap / 2-step / Grindcore" as his "sounds like" descriptors! Pretty sure that's really just a hearty wink to those of us in the know. I also feel included in his secretly sarcastic reference to Destiny's Child in the Influences list, unless that's for serious, in which case the joke is on all of us.

Either way, it's cool to appreciate a broad range of music styles. Everyone should have at least one "shocker" on their influences list that you can either earnestly defend or shrug off post-ironically. For me that's Ice-T, for others it might be Michael McDonald. And there's probably a third group out there that really likes their collaboration from the Judgement Night soundtrack.

Update: Bobby confirmed he does like Destiny's Child, which actually makes a whole lot of sense given the Pipettes's proclivity for effortless pop radio hits. My bad.

The Pipettes - I Think We're Alone Now (Tommy James & the Shondells cover)

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September 5, 2008

BT Adventures Pt 1: Air Wolf

I began this Friday morning with the usual pre-work routine: eating a bowl of chocolate frosted sugar bombs n' watching episodes of 80s helicopter action series Air Wolf on mute whilst blasting Bmore MIDI tunes from Adventure. But today something strange happened: perfect harmony.

Holy crap right? That is definitely not the theme song for Air Wolf. That is the super rad Go! Team wet dream known as "Ultra Zone," the lead single from Addy's debut album out later this month via Carpark (you will have a chance to win a copy next week). Your head is still probably spinning with questions; let's try to answer a few:

I read a pamphlet at Red Emma's about an alleged underground conspiracy linking Air Wolf and Wham City artists, is this true?
Undoubtedly, but we can't discuss that here. We originally exposed this in connection with Lesser Gonzalez last December, and while mainstream media didn't pick up on it the rumors have only grown stronger since. As blog pressure continues, one day they will have to face up to it.

Where can I learn more about Adventure?
Several options, choose your own.

Ernest Borgnine looked so young and vibrant in Air Wolf, and yet that was 25 years ago. What's his secret?
Let's just say he's a staunch advocate of roughing up the suspect regularly.

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September 4, 2008

Good For You & Good For Me

The Walkmen's You & Me keeps it real. Of course the formula changes a bit each time; this is more restrained than A Hundred Miles Off, and unlike their earlier work, Hamilton seems more confident in his approach and actually wants you to understand the lyrics. While that makes for less drunken stumbling and piano key tinkling, instead you get more time to appreciate everything else under the surface that separates The Walkmen's sound from anyone on the island. Enjoy "On the Water" via Pitchfork TV.

Buy it at Insound!

See also: Rat in a cage or our interview with Hamilton to learn how You & Me came together.

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September 3, 2008

NOW That's What I Call Music! (Special Kooks edition)

The Kooks have proven to be a prolific, if not discerning cover force these days, most notably revisiting a classic standard from international pop juggernauts Ace of Base. They owned November 1993-April 1994 son! (No word yet if the Gothenburg, Sweden-based A of B crew has plans to collab with neighbors Air France, the union of which cannot be spoken aloud but would produce an ethereal Scandinavian pop catalogue only audible to unicorns and the ghost of Robert Goulet).

Back to the Kooks - here's a collection of their latest coverage:

Kids (MGMT cover)

Violet Hill (Coldplay cover)

Young Folks (PB&J cover)

All That She Wants (Ace of Base cover)

Who will get punk'd next? Is there a suggestion bin? Would love to hear a contemporary take on The Neverending Story.

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September 2, 2008

Air France vs. Doves - Fear at Your Doorstep

Didn't much fancy the new video for Air France's "Collapsing at your Doorstep" - it's not bad, but a bunch of different-colored wind turbines doesn't do justice to the best song of the summer.

So instead, how about we introduce "Collapsing" to The Dove's "There Goes the Fear" video, featuring your common man's grocery store freakout/feverish dream about escaping to Brazil? We can all relate, yes?

(original Doves video produced by the Intro Partnership)

Better. Almost every song on No Way Down is worthy of its own visual component, so maybe the Sincerely Yours crew will step it up on the next one. (For those that haven't, you can download the EP here for like six bucks. No excuses.)

Air France - Collapsing at Your Doorstep

The Doves - There Goes the Fear (from The Last Broadcast)

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