November 26, 2008

Theme From Teenage Suicide

(voices over two-way radio...siren starts...heart monitor beeping)
"What are you doing here, honey? You're not even old enough to know how bad life gets."
"Obviously, Doctor, you've never been a 13-year-old girl."

Do not make the mistake of ignoring My Teenage Stride due to band name confusion (I originally thought they must be lame, or a type of teen-oriented gum, or just generally teen-oriented). The Brooklyn-based duo is actually closer to the much cooler/older C86 crowd, those of the original DIY Britpop sound characterized by cheap drum machines, jangly guitars, high fidelity twee and a restless suburban isolation we can all relate to.

My Teenage Stride - Theme From Teenage Suicide (from Lesser Demons, 2008)

The title for Jeffrey Eugenides' 1993 novel (and Sophia Coppola's 1999 directorial debut) derives from a song by the fictional band Cruel Crux, a favorite of the Lisbon daughter Lux - who, unlike her four sisters, is anything but a virgin by the tale's end. Air composed the movie soundtrack, which along with standouts like "Playground Love" includes a heavily synthesized teen ghost summary of the whole creepy affair (below). Somewhere in Antibes, a young Anthony Gonzalez was deep into a pair of oversized headphones on a mattress tucked in the corner.

Phoenix - Playground Love (Air cover)

Air - Suicide Underground (from The Virgin Suicides soundtrack)

Buy it at Insound!

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November 24, 2008

Did Sebadoh Invent Tektonic?

Yes, that is correct. Turns out in 1994 they gave this Swedish kid five bucks and a pair of Voltron pumps if he agreed to not stop moving during their "License to Confuse" video, no matter how many times he got tired or ran out of moves:

Sebadoh - License To Confuse (from Bakesale)

The result was so hideous we didn't see any mainstream Tekkies resurface again until last year, which may or not be correlated with a decline of Peruvian pan flute bands during the same period.

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November 21, 2008

Death By Zero

Love commercials that haunt all of your waking moments and only become funny after someone else starts complaining about them too. Also love "mashups" of annoying commercials and commercially successful annoying movies. Original version of the song below in case you want to be an ass (ringtones, office pages, etc.).

The Fixx - Saved By Zero (from Reach the Beach)

The Death Set - Superzero (from Worldwide)

via have you seen this

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November 20, 2008

You Made a Believer (Out of Me)

It only took a dozen foaming reviews for me to finally check out Q-Tip's new joint beyond the first track I heard ("Gettin Up" was a little too Sunday School with Common and not enough weekend nasty). But thankfully Soul Sides offered "Won't Trade," where Q effortlessly slides between slabs of Ruby Andrews' Windy City soul classic. Well played sir.

Q-Tip - Won't Trade (from The Renaissance)

Ruby Andrews - You Made a Believer (Out of Me)

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November 19, 2008

Pavement - In The Mouth A Desert (from Slanted & Enchanted)

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November 15, 2008

The Internet Was Awesome Today!

Whilst cruising We Have Lasers - you know, the site dedicated to professional portraits with various laser backgrounds, I found the turning point in laser portrait culture, back in 1991, when almost 60% of the students in this 3rd grade class teamed up for either the classic pink/blue line lasers (closeup) or the more subtle purple/pink starburst lasers combo. You've got to hate it for the other kids who slept on this or failed to receive parent approval.

Wish I had opted for the spaghetti/cat backdrop instead.

My Morning Jacket - Picture of You (from The Tennessee Fire)

Also - if there's anything as cool as lasers it's eagles, and Department of Eagles is a pretty awesome band name, but if everyone could stop blogging about Department of Eagles for a week or two that would be swell.

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November 14, 2008

New Height - The Woods

Height n' friends invented something unprecedented, opium-scented and dark-tinted:

Height - The Woods

From Jones - "The song was made in parts, kind of like a chain letter. PT Burnem started the track with the main loop/melodic sample and the beat box sample. King Rhythm added the samples and programming on the hook part. Mickey Free did a lot of the filter/mixing to bring all the elements together, also adding additional low-end percussion, and I added live percussion. And of course Height, in addition to writing and performing the vocals, was always present in shaping the sound."

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming Baltimore Highlands LP, check Height's podcast series, and be sure to catch Jones with Grand Buffet tomorrow night at Ottobar. Previously on BT from the Independence Day Friendstival:

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November 12, 2008

College = Youth

The real thing might suck sometimes, but the French concept of your teenage years is always perfect - self discovery, chemical (and peer) exploration, finding your personal brand, passing out on Sparks-soaked linoleum and doing it all over again.

But living for today is boring when you can be a Hollywood star from the glamorized redux of 80s pop culture. The Teenagers name drop Dirty Dancing and proclaim their love for all things 90210, M83's Saturdays=Youth is a self-described ode to teenage life on MTV, and Kavinsky's "Flashback," (from the 1986 EP, of course), documents the cool kid's dangerous post-prom moonlight Ferrari excursions.

Now France's David Grellier, known on the electrobloghaus circuit as College, is rebuilding the cache of your forgotten early-morning/after epiphanies right alongside his peers, retouching blemishes and socially awkward incidents with the stroke of a synth. Call it Kavinsky on klonopin or M83 on a hott clap holiday.

College - The Energy Story (feat. Minitel Rose)

College - Teenage Color (199 Chatarz Remix)

College and crew's Valerie blog are posting "Energy Story" remixes and more leading up to his Secret Diary debut later this winter.

College - Teenage Color Mix

01- Stephen Falken - Everything Must Go
02- Roman Salzger - Alpha Centauri
03- Alden Tyrell - Odessa Theme
04- Lifelike - High On
05- Lovelock - Love Reaction
06- College - Teenage Color (Russ Chimes Remix)
07- Pnau - Lover
08- Bangkok Impact - Bright Light, Dim Light
09- Pony Pony Run Run - Star Survivor (Russ Chimes'Drive To Survive Remix)
10- Sedat The Turkish Avenger - Sunrise (Original Mix)
11- Pnau featuring Ladyhawke - Embrace
12- Loose Shus - Total Fox
13- Xinobi - Day Off (Anoraak Remix)
14- Error Love - Top Of The Charts (Number One In The Uk)
15- Melinda Jackson - Magic (Moustache Remix)

Thanks to Hyperbole for enrolling us.
See also: M83 vs. Donnie Darko

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November 11, 2008

Of Montreal (SFW Edition)

Love Skeletal Lamping but occasionally get too sassed out by Georgie Fruit's glam pastiche. Miss Lisp Crispy's more sensitive catalogue which contains up to 88% fewer phallic references.

Feminine Effects (unreleased, live on MPR 10/3/07)

Little Rock (from She's a Rejector 7")

Make Out Fall Out Make Up (Love is All cover)

photo via fenchurch
unrelated Dulcolax commercial

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November 7, 2008

BT Adventures Pt 3: Battle Cat + Bmore Round Robin

We've uncovered the Air Wolf consipiracy and established connections between McGruber MacGuyver and Chuck Norris; now it's time to figure out what role, if any, Bmore-based Adventure's 8-bit synth compositions play in our earliest console memories. The clues are hidden inside this BT bootleg video of "Battle Cat" - if you're the first to name all 38 'tendo games in the comments section, in order, Benny will send you an autographed copy of his new self-titled debut. And we'll send you
everything you see here so that others may know your greatness.

Adventure is also available on iTunes or the CarPark shop (while you're there, scoop the new Beach House 7" and Lesser Gonazalez's joint).

You can also hear it live when the entire Bmore Round Robin crew host a proper Eyes/Feet weekend at Sonar on December 18th and 19th. Tickets for the whole weekend are $22 (includes a $7 "suck it Trebek" Ticketmaster charge) and they went on sale today, so. See our previous review here if you've any doubt this will be wig-scrambling.

Adventure - Wild Wild Ride

Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!

Notorious BIG - Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis

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November 5, 2008

Far Away Rmxs

Can't say Cut Copy's "Far Away" could possibly be improved upon or that I'd rather listen to any of these remixes over the original, but you can be the judge on that. The important thing is we're celebrating victorious radness in all of its forms today (Radiohead are also marking the occasion with a semi-fresh rmx of "Harrowdown Hill" via Dead Air Space, mp3 here).

Far Away (Ring Trick Rmx)

Far Away (Bag Raiders Rmx)

Far Away (ddpesh Rmx)

Update: Even more Far Away remixes

And for the sixteenth time, we plug the unofficial BT video for this song, which shall remain the default until they actually make one:

You may also enjoy throwing on the elbow-padded tweed whilst perusing our vast, leather-bound Cutters archives for additional pre-weekend morsels.

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November 3, 2008

How To Win Top Prize at the Science Fair

Billy Manson and the Dang! crew offer a step-by-step walkthrough for how to win the science fair.

That's a nice volcano ashtray, but our proprietary "3I" system is the REAL scientific method you need to win:

Step 1: The Internet.

Step 2: Intimidation. You need to be all up in your competitor's respective kitchens, rattling the pots and pans, nonstop. Easiest way to do this is place old leftover pumpkins on smarts kids' doorsteps with a big knife in it and a note that just says "YOU." Also take a closer look at your judges for blackmail potential - was the principle a novelty heavyweight wrestler in the 80s? Is your science teacher a member of NAMBLA? This is the kind of research you need to be doing, and don't wait until the last minute. Prepare an outline of your intended targets at least two weeks out and plan to spend around 10-20 hours on the process. If things don't turn out the way you planned, you can always make something up.

On the big day, get there a little early with a magic marker and write "FAIL" in big letters on everyone else's trifold foam core. Also check with your school's IT administrator about advertising on the Web site. Say for example your name is Alex McClamb, purchase banner ads that say "McLamb Wins Science Fair!" and have them start running the morning of the competition. This saves you money by only needing one ad and you get in everyone's kitchen right up front.

Step 3: Intense Training Montage. Nothing cool has ever happened without one of these, and they're also the best way to make tons of progress in only a few minutes. If possible, try to mix in what we call "fuel for the fire," or competitive training footage, into the video. This could be a smart kid training in a real laboratory with beakers/schematics while you're experimenting on bums in the library (get the smart kid's permission to film this BEFORE you do the pumpkins). And song selection counts - the longer the song and the more obscure the artist, the stronger you'll be when it's over. If you can go more than four minutes to Mark Safan's Win in the End you are ready to be a champion. For a good sample montage, see Rad II: The Matthew Modine Challenge.

After you win, and you will win:

1. Leave the premises immediately. After the blue ribbon is handed out, you're ghost like Swayze. It might be tempting to schedule media opps with your school newsletter/local TV station right there in the gymnasium, but this is a mistake. Jealous losers will try to stomp on your volcano or deny you uncontested glory. We all remember the Dino Valley Debacle of 1982 (above) when the first prize winner hung around too long and caught the wrath of an unidentified honorable mention winner.

And let's clear this up right now - there is only one winner. Any ribbon of any other color might as well be a big handful of egg salad.

2. Talk lots and lots of smack. Once you're in a secure area, hold your press conference and begin a steady online barrage of domination claims. Be sure to publicly thank the other kids and their parents for being so weak. You should also have already made and distributed flyers announcing a celebratory jammy to all the hot mathletes and science groupies, so get to it, and start thinking about regionals.

Guided By Voices - I Am A Scientist

Oingo Boingo - Weird Science

Tokyo Police Club - Nature of the Experiment (RAC Rmx)

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