February 24, 2009

Bros I Want To Chill With Vol. 2

The winners of this round are:

- Weird Tapes
- Hassan, Tito, Sonja and Thomas from Dutch teen powerpop group Babuluga (see wig-scrambling video below, prepare for your life to permanently improve around the :42 mark). No one knows anything about these guys, except for Tito is rumored to have dated the year 7 twins (Erica + Heather) from the first season of Degrassi Jr Hi. It's probably time for them to "get viral" like when that chimp went to the dentist.

Babaluga - My Paradise

I found them through asrestlessasweare, who I also want to chill w/ because they were the first to bloghard about Weird Tapes almost a year ago. What else do you need to know about a song called "Nightstalking" that elicits Information Society/Point Break paranoia?

Weird Tapes - Nightstalking

Also, Hall and Oates. There are no losers in my paradise.

Bros I Want To Chill With Vol. 1

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February 18, 2009

Bring It On Home

Just as Madlib tastefully finger-flipped through the Blue Note crates, San Antonio-based civil rights attorney Diego Bernal introduces For Corners, a smart collection of Latin (and Dilla) influenced instrumentals. "Bring It On Home" is a perfect ride-out tune for any Sergio Leone Italo-Western or just when Robbie makes a T. Bell run.

Diego Bernal - Bring It On Home

Diego Bernal - Velcro Flow

Download the Four Corners LP for free here.

Also recommended:
Arcade Fire's 2k7 Western meme
Mux Mool

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February 16, 2009

Postcards from Tiny Islands

Tilt-shift miniature faking is a photography technique that manipulates life-size locations or objects to resemble a miniature scale model. By using a special lens, high angle, large aperture and distorted focus to simulate a shallow depth of field, the scene seems much smaller than it actually is. 

Combining these techniques with thousands of time-lapse photos, as Sydney photographer Keith Loutit has done, creates incredibly powerful videos. Combining clips from several of these videos with Air France's "Beach Party" (below), creates a video worthy of the song. Update: Keith asked us to remove the "Beach Party" video, so instead here's an example of his work. Maybe you mute the video volume and enjoy some Air France to this instead?

Air France - Beach Party (from On Trade Winds)

Air France vs. The Doves
Tilt-Shift Miniatures on Flickr

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February 10, 2009

Loving You (Sometimes)

Devlin's new Bicicleta Mix features a few tastefully selected anti-bangers that have dominated this week's BT charts; most notably the closer from 60s garage pop outfit The Outcasts. Consider this a two-minute extension of The Zombies' Decca Stereo Anthology.

The Outcasts - Loving You Sometimes

According to Garage Hangover, The Outcasts paid for their own studio time to record "Loving You" in 1969, got some local airplay around their hometown of Ashland, Kentucky, scored an opening slot for Neil Diamond, and split. This song was later released four different times on four labels, most recently (and randomly) picked up by Arista for DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist's Product Placement LP. Like The Zombies, The Outcasts are still finding new fans of all kinds four decades later.

I'd also never heard T. Rex's "Cosmic Dancer," which easily stands up to any Bowie ballad and somehow fits right in between Turkish psychedelia and the RAH band (more on them, or him, later). It's mainly about werewolf barmitzvahs - boys becoming men, men becoming wolves - and dancing all the time, even when you're just a lil' fetus bro.

T. Rex - Cosmic Dancer (from Electric Warrior Remastered)

Buy it at Insound!

Unfortunately Devlin sampled the wrong Girls joint, but other than that this mix is top gear and still available at Fully Fitted.

P.S. That Garage Hangover site is legit - check out all the surviving Outcasts members repping in the comments section.
P.P.S. Can't believe Wes Anderson hasn't built a pointless/meaningful slo-mo around either of these songs yet.

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February 3, 2009

Men in Black (No Country For Old Memes)

What up son - one of the most anticipated albums of 2k7 is almost here. Some people are excited, others not so much.

Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah and Method Man - Back From The Slums (formerly known as "Wu-Ooh," from the upcoming Only Built For Cuban Linx II)

image created via the YoDawgbuilder at Yo Dawg We Herd You Like Tumblr
original track + hilar comments via Nah Right

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February 2, 2009

Bros I Want To Chill With Vol. 1

Was inspired by HRO's new podcast about bros. It wasn't as powerful/authentic as the first one, but definitely illustrated the many different roles bros play in our lives. We have sharebros (via Google Reader/IM), carpool bros, hike school bros, social media bros, festival bros, etc. Another emerging category CRLS mentions is "bros I want to chill with" - which got me thinking about the qualities that we look for in potential bros.

Qualities like:
- Musical talent (piano, keytar, air keytar)
- Willingness to be "zany" by spraying his face with the hose
- Scopes chicks by lowering sunglasses or doing the shaking hand motion 
- Does a ferosh Carlton on the beach with mesh muscle shirt/banana hammock
- Usually upbeat, but adjusts mustache/mullet to be "serious" when pointing his finger
- Can pull the ladies (in tug of war)

Luckily, I found all of these qualities in one man. His name is Pierre Nadaeu, and he submitted this video entry to our new "Bro Search" reality series.

Pierre Nadeau - Girls/Boys

This was the second place entry...pretty brahsome overall but the pelvic thrusts just weren't as genuine. Would probably team up with this bro if we were both stuck at a lame wedding reception or something, but that's about it.

Other first round finalists:

- Leprechan bro
- Falcor bro
- Game night bro
- Game night bro (2.0)
- Teeball bro

So again congrats to Pierre.

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