May 28, 2009

Fellows of the Royal Society (Lost Avalanches Vol. 1)

Exotic cuts and liquid assets have been carefully inventoried to match the disparate temperments of the world's premier living experts in sensory communication. As new (old) beats fill the hall, the Fellows' collective unconscious arrives at a state in which past, present and future* Avalanches recordings exist in simultaneous potentiality. Cutlery and carafes clink quietly amongst Chateaubriand and Château Margaux; cheeks glisten with duck meat and dill curry.

With My Baby (Frontier Psychiatrist single, 2001)

Undersea Community (Undersea Community single, 1999)

Thank You Caroline (Rock City 7", 1997)

*This month a cryptic image appeared on the Avalanches news section consisting of Keith Moon's picture with Clearasil spot cream from the back cover of The Who's 1967 album, The Who Sell Out, accompanied with the words "clearing samples." The status "...are clearing samples" also now appears on their Myspace page, and a blank page on has been created for a New Album TBA. Preliminary inquiries into the Fellows' advisory body have not been returned.

Is that Artax in the back?

Since I Met You
Flight Tonight

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May 19, 2009

Easy Life Rooftop Beats

This is what the chaps from Air France probably looked like whilst discussing the blueprints of their splendid 2k8 rooftop mix - cool and confident, with well-pressed slacks and Julies waiting on the wing. While they haven't dropped anything new for this summer (yet), feel free to continue celebrating a few of last year's individual highlights. Just don't be fooled by Treasure Fingers - most of this mix is REALLY CHILL. Like "donking out in the sun after a plate of hand-battered Honey Chiptole Chicken Crispers® from Chili's" chill.

Orpheus - Can't Find The Time
Quiet Village - Victoria's Secret
Ashra - Don't Stop The Fan
Saint Etienne - Avenue
Treasure Fingers- Cross The Dancefloor
Prefab Sprout - Cars And Girls
Hugo Montenegro - Greatest Love Of All
Happy Mondays - Hallelujah (Club Mix)
Aeroplane - Pacific Air Race
The Main Attraction - Everyday

Air France Rooftop Mix (43 MB)

Although the last track is easily the best (and Avalanches fans should read more about that one here), Prefab Sprout's 1987 uberweak Cars and Girls is getting a lot of air time for some reason. Not sure why. It's pretty much the exact opposite of a "highly bloggable" track by today's standards - and even cornier than the Perfect Strangers theme - yet I keep coming back, first post-ironically and now for serious.

Butter Team's Zesty Island Mix
Roundtable Knights Summer Mix
Frank's Boogie Trip: Special Nigerian Disco Mix
Air France vs. Doves: Fear at Your Doorstep

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May 12, 2009

Keyboard Cat Plays Off Artax, Falkor/Streets FTW

Sometimes no matter how much you try, the white horse simply can't get you through the swamp of sadness. And when it's time to go alone, only The Streets' prang-powered, hooligan house bangers can push things forward.

Recently Mike Skinner has been sharing new beats with us "electronically" via "Twitter." While this week's addition isn't exactly the Southern Oracle, it does harken back to the higher-BPM Original Pirate Material days when life was pear-shaped and we drew unicorns in math books.

The Streets - Where My Heart Has Been (new)

The Streets - Turn the Page (from Original Pirate Material, 2002)

Also - Center for Meme Control officials released a new report this morning - evidently Keyboard Cat has mutated beyond fail/fainting vids into hidden cams, political/religious memes and movies. Here's our "classic cinema" addition:

Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat (Theme)

Do you like the new Streets track? Where do you think Keyboard Cat will strike next? Have you ever met an ancient turtle who said he was allergic to youth?

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May 8, 2009

Thrashin' to VEGA

Today we revisit the popular 1986 skate drama
Thrashin', in which a skater bro named Corey (aka Josh Brolin, the older bro from Goonies) gets with a Julie named Chrissy who just happens to be the younger sister of Hook, leader of tuff punk skate gang The Daggers. As you could probably guess, those courting Tommy Hook's lil sis must be prepared for harsh pool jousting and downhill skate-race shenanigans on the reg. You ready for that, Valley Boy?

In this new BT video Corey wakes up one morning, throws on his VSW/Jimmy Zs, and hitchskates to grind rails w/ the ramp locals. As the afternoon sun beats down and
VEGA's outstanding new joint "No Reasons" ramps up, so does the crowd. Does he have what it takes to get nice at the next level?

VEGA - No Reasons (from Well Known Pleasures, out this summer)

GvB and Big Stereo are rightfully tagging this to be the essential summer 2k9 jammy, and it's also the lead single for VEGA's Well Known Pleasures EP dropping digitally May 19 soon via Vogue College Records. It's great to see Alan's finally putting a release together; I may have the whole thing before then but I'll still buy it twice. Because VEGA is that crescenfresh.

Bonus - although an official soundtrack for
Thrashin' was never released (what's up with that), the team at J Projex pulled together most of the lineup including old school Chili Peppers, Devo, Circle Jerks, etc. You really don't need to hear a Meatloaf movie theme titled "Thrashin'," it's not even post-ironically funny, but they have it, so.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blackeyed Blonde (from Freaky Styley, 1985)

Devo - That's Good (from Oh, No! It's Devo, 1982)

VEGA vs. Rad
Cut Copy vs. Rad
Architecture in Helsinki vs. Mac and Me

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May 4, 2009

Bacon-Wrapped Memes

Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat is a virulent, powerful new meme strain responsible for a recent outbreak of mild interweb shenanigans. While its origin has been linked back to this seemingly harmless 2007 video, Keyboard Cat is now mutating by wrapping itself around the DNA of more popular memes; deftly eluding the protective antibodies that render cat videos unfunny to most of the adult male population. At the moment it's primarily isolated within fail/fainting videos, but 80s sitcom clips and music videos are likely next. Worst case scenario, we could be looking at a preview of the mysterious The Entertainment video from Infinite Jest.

Here's one example (do not watch):

Comedic art or global pandemic? The anonymous creator of Keyboard Cat weighs in: "Who says it was supposed to be funny. Keyboard Cat is a form of modern art comparable to dadaism. Most people aren't able to grasp the complexities and attention to detail that a 'play him off, keyboard cat' encompasses."

Tips for helping your family avoid this meme:
- Stay away from your home, office or anywhere that may have internets 
- Wear a Peter Sarsgaard-branded SARS guard at all times
- Do NOT open or play video files friends may have sent you labeled "funnie"
- Learn more about the meme economy (via HRO)

However if you'd prefer to knowingly contribute to society's downfall by facilitating KC's transmedia spread, we've provided you with an mp3 to share via mixtapes, ringtones, banger remixes, etc. Also works well as an alarm clock notification (for "zany" people who like to take jokes too far).

Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat (Theme)

In other viral news, The Streets just released a timely new video/song called "He's Behind You, He's Got Swine Flu" (via Mike Skinner).

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