October 13, 2009

BT Video: Should Have Taken Acid w/ Yall

Although the arrival date of VEGA's debut EP still remains a mystery, Alan Palomo's side gig Neon Indian goes legit today with the release of Psychic Chasms. We celebrated by making a video for the song that started it all - this gentleman most likely celebrated via an all-night (or multi-day) chillbrocore sesh, and upon entering a store the next morning found himself unable to complete any transactions/basic motor functions.

Neon Indian - Should Have Taken Acid With You

Stream a few tracks from Psychic Chasms here or pick it up at Insound.

(original clip via Every Day I'm Tumblin')

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October 8, 2009

BT Video: Nude (Hipster Runoff Remix)

Whilst listening to the new Jesus Christ cassingle in bed tonight and staring at the ceiling of your suburban cocoon, remember the remix that launched HRO's career as a meaningful artist/DJ back in early 2k8.

Produced by Butter Team with footage courtesy of GroceryBag.TV, this new video examines how teens use technology to experiment with self-expression, and expose their hopes and fears for the world to see. This is 'what it's like' growing up in the YouTube era.

Radiohead - Nude (Hipster Runoff remix)

"Jesus Christ" (the indie band) - Is This Really What You Want?

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October 6, 2009

See the Sea

Vitalic - See the Sea (Red)

Every single instrument from Vitalic's debut OK Cowboy - even the voices - were synthesized. With rare exceptions like Trahison (featured here in French film Naissance des Pieuvres), songs don't fade in or out with a human's touch, they power up and down in rapid combustion.

Four years later Pascal Arbez still owns the Formula One formula with
Flashmob, but as dummy mag says, he's "found scope in disco that the sleazy ice of electroclash did not allow for." Vitalic's disco - the Ridley Scott/20JFG version - finds Justice and Glass Candy tied together at the wrist, thrashing across a strobe-lit Studio 2054 basement with switchblades. Instead of orchestral flourishes and Wurlitzers, we get acid squelches and seas of straight up hot magma.

Vitalic - See the Sea (Blue)

HRO's take: "I think Vitalic made electro techno music before there were computers. Have only heard them on the Party Monster soundtrack, back when I was trying to ‘learn what it would be like to move to NYC and become part of a relevant party scene.’ [In the video for single "Your Disco Song"] there is a broad who has a disco ball surgically attached to her skull. Think she ‘lives to party’ and she just wants to ‘disco so fucking hard.’

Indeed. While his robotic French contemporaries lust over humanity, Vitalic embraces the first pop genre built on synthesizers with a cold, industrial precision we can still dance to - even if the hott claps aren't from real hands.

Flashmob is available now.

photos: Neil Krug (check this bro out)

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